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    When I was in college in the 1990's I lived in an apartment with 2 roomates one Brian who I had known for many years and Paul who we had met and decided to let live with us to make everything more affordable. Brian was a tall and thin built like myself and when we first met a few years earlier we went up north to my parents house and were hanging out when everyone went to bed we stayed up to watch tv for a while.

    I caught a glimpse of him starring at me from the corner of my eye and to say the least it turned me on I had never really looked at a male as a potential sex partner so I was so suprised when he reached over and grabbed my cock which was hard by now and throbbing through my jeans. He unzipped my pants and went down on me sucking my hard cock. I never had this feeling before it felt so good and I can remember wanting to moan it felt so good but I couldn't because I did not want to wake anyone up. He began to go faster and I grabbed is head and said I am going to cum he nodded and said go ahead I can't remember feeling so aroused it felt like i must have shot all of my cum by the gallon I can't ever remember shoothing so much cum. Was this real? Did this just happen? I then decided that fair was fair so I unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock it was big and curved to the right but probably about the same size as mine. I had never given head before so I was nervous. he assured me it was ok so I wrapped my lips around his massive cock and began to suck it. What was going on ? What were these fellings I was having? It felt so good almost as good as recieving a bj myself I could taste his precum and it was so sweet as i carressed his big balls and sucked his penis I could feel him getting excited and could acctually feel him begin to pulse I did not know what to do but I did not want to make a mess so I took him deep into my mouth all the way to the back of my throat and swallowed all of his cum it was great and I can remember enjoying it so much.

    The next morning we acted like nothing had happened it seemed like a dream and neither one of us mentioned it all the way home back to college which was 3 hours away.

    Brian and I drank alot and in the next few years not anly had sex with women but frequently would masterbate with each other and yes blow jobs it was great life was perfect.

    However he was going to graduate the follwing year and had to go out of state for an internship so Paul and I were going to keep the apartment while he was gone. I was going to miss Brian but what had to be done had to be done . What happened next would be even more amazing and caught me by suprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    cum on, don't leave us hanging TS. got me all excited!!!
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