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"Common wealth" & taxes

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ledroit, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. ledroit

    ledroit Sexy Member

    Oct 16, 2005
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    The incredible stupidity of John McCain knows no limits. The United States as a country would not be possible unless it had a way to pay its bills.

    This is what a commonwealth--people pooling their resources in order to achieve something together-- is all about.

    This is also what is so corrupt and dishonest for him to attack Obama as a socialist. Whenever you and I pay taxes, we put a bit of our wealth into a common pool, and pay John McCain's salary as a public servant.

    Is that a redistribution of wealth? You damn right it is. Am I a socialist because I pay taxes? No. I am a patriot. I share in the country's responsibilities and obligations, not just in its benefits.

    McCain reaches a new low when he attacks people who pay taxes and understand how taxes work as "socialists." What is dishonest about him is the way he spins these things for simple folk who are not likely ever to have studied or thought much about either taxes, a commonwealth, or an economy.

    McCain clearly has not. He has lost the right to anyone's vote in doing and saying something this fundamentally stupid about how governments work, what taxes are, or how sharing common wealth to pay our common bills, for the benefit of all, actually works.

    No wonder the man is angry, cranky, unpredictable, and reactionary. He is dumb as a stump. The only talent he has is for getting pissed off, and getting others to get pissed off.

    If there is any proof to the contrary, can someone please share it on this board?
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