Compare yourself to one of your favorite portstars

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    Hey guys and gals. Compare yourself to some of your favorite porstars and and why you could also be one.

    For me..I would say Jake Steed. I remember watching freaks, hoes, and flows tapes and he was the man. I used to think his member was around 10 to 11in, but I found out it was only 8.5x6. I'm a 9x7 (on a good day girth is 7) and was a bit worried because some of the females he had on their would scream like they couldn't take it.

    Then there is John E Depth. I don't know what his size (would be nice if someone could tell me because I've searched, but haven't found any clue) is but every video after 2002 he was in the woman he was with would have an orgasm. He's the most underated, but most amazing performer. Who do you guys compare too.
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