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    Could anyone recommend some books to read?

    I have compiled a list of books I have read this past year. I have no doubt many of us love reading and are always looking for a good book or two to read. I tend to read books where the author has put in extensive research on the topics they discuss.

    The Lost Symbol - by Dan Brown
    I don't need say much about this one. If you've seen Da Vinci Code or Angels and Demons, then you will like this book as well.

    Stiff - The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers - by Mary Roach
    The author researched about what happens to our dead bodies in death. Many people donate their body in the name of many multi-disciplinary fields such as anatomy, biology, chemistry, science, medicine, religion, military, research, psychology, etc... You'll read about dead bodies being stolen for research, bodies used to understand car wrecks, the military using the body to test impact of weapon on the body or test out new weapons, to name a few.

    Silent Spring - by Rachel Carson
    An excellent book that launched an environmental movement towards banning DDT and other toxic chemicals that wreck havoc on our environment.

    Earth in the Balance - by Al Gore
    The movie Inconvenient Truth, is based on this book. This book has more details than the movie can even offer. I suspect they could have made a whole movie based on everything in this book, but for documentary purpose, only decided to show specific things. There are some dry parts but overall the rest of the book makes up for the dryness.

    The World Without Us - by Alan Weisman
    A book that talks about just what would happen if humans were to just disappear from Earth forever. Earth likely will head into a nuclear holocaust because there was no human left to take care of the nuclear plants and after some time, the earth would thrive and come to live again - everything that we worked hard for and built will just basically disintegrate back to its original form.

    GIMP - by Mark Zupan
    An autobiography by an Paralympics athlete who talks about how becoming a quadriplegic changed his life. There is mention of sex in this book !!! [​IMG]

    The Brain that Changes Itself - by Norman Doidge
    Book containing personal stories by individuals who overcame brain injury. This book basically talks about brain plasticity and our human ability to overcome it. This book has taught me that anything is possible, especially with the right attitude.

    BONK - by Mary Roach
    This book talks about three things - sex, sex and sex. If you like reading about sex - then this is a great and INTERESTING book.

    The Diving-Bell and the Butterfly - by Jean Dominique Bauby
    About a man who suffers a massive stroke leaving him complete paralyzed and unable to speak. He narrates this entire book with the blinks of his eyes.

    The Man ho Mistook His Wife for a Hat - by Dr. Oliver Sacks
    Clinical tales about clients who had some form of brain injury. Will read about individuals with perception, memory, recognition, processing problems.

    Looks me in the eye - my life with asperger's - by John Elder Robinson
    An autobiography by a man who had trouble connecting with people, had odd habits and had savant abilities. Nobody understood him and it wasn't until he was 40 that he was diagnosed with Asperger's.

    Cockeyed - by Ryan Knighton
    An autobiography written by a man who slowly went blind and how he had to adapt to his disability.

    Head Cases - by Michael Paul Mason
    A clinical book by a caseworker who goes around evaluating his clients with brain injury to see what kind of assistance they can get or which program would be right for them. Some of the stories are sad and sometimes makes you angry.

    This is Your Brain on Music - by Daniel J Leviton
    Research about what music does to our brain and what goes on inside our brain when we learn music and listen to music. Couple dry parts but once you get past some of those parts, it's a great read.

    Right now I am currently reading Race Against Time by Stephen Lewis - it's about the UN's initiatives to end problems to poverty, education and health by 2015.
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