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Condom Usage

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  1. I will never use a Condom

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  2. I currently use They Fit Condoms and they fit well

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  3. I currently use They Fit Condoms and wish they had larger ones

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  4. I have no problems with my current condom choice - I do not use They Fit

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    Several times in the past two years we have been exposed to the "They Fit" Condom line of products. Prior to now they offered 55 sizes. I received an E-Mail from Condomania today which indicates that there are now 70 sizes. I reviewed the Size Chart and did not not view any for longer penis sizes. Hopefully they are working on that. One problem with downloading the size chart. I always get a message when I try to print the size chart on my Printer that I do not have enough memory. If you live in the U. S. A. you can request a copy of the size chart mailed via the postal service. That is how I obtained my chart.

    Anyway, here is the link to view the product line and size chart. Maybe if enough of the larger penis owners here contact Condomania they will also develop longer/wider products.

    I have been a condom user for many years. This product line is the most pleasant and enjoyable to use. I submit this information as a service to my fellow Large Penis Support Group peers. I support safe sex and appreciate the messages I receive when I post regarding my own situation. That is what I enjoy about this Group.
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