Confessions of a Real Life Size Queen

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    The following story is true, names and places may have been changed, but the basic details are heavily ground in reality. It there has been any exaggeration it is only because of the natural excitement of the situation.

    After finishing my last year in high school I decided to defer my university placement for one year and like so many Aussies before me, went to work in London to work for a year. I easily gained employment in what was tastefully described as a gentlemen’s club. I wasn’t a striper or anything, we just had to carry and serve beer and snacks dressed in outrageously skimpy costumes.

    I was sharing a flat, with another one of the girls, Johanna; she was a little bit older than me, and extremely popular with both the customers and management. This was mainly because she would often ‘accidentally’ spill beer into her deeply cavernous sized cleavage and remove her tiny bra. The customers loved it because they got to see some big boobs jiggling around, and management loved it because the customers always had to buy more beer.

    The flat where we lived was tiny, the phrase, barely room to swing a cat, was entirely apt, (this could lead to problems when the situation of gentlemen callers occurred). I have seen bigger closets than the bathroom, you basically had to shower yourself over the toilet, and of course there was no laundry. This meant that we had to use one of the many public laundrettes situated in our neighbourhood.

    So there I was early one Sunday morning lugging a big bag of dirty washing into one of the laundrettes trying to ignore the tacky posters peeling away by the door. Johanna and I usually took it in turns to do the laundry but today was my second turn in a row because she had her boyfriend stay over, and I wanted to give them some more privacy. Truth to be told I wasn’t in the best mood, not having got much sleep. Johanna was a great girl, I loved her to bits, in fact I still do, we’re still good friends, however, she is one of the loudest and most strenuous love makers I have ever known. The thin partition between our beds did nothing to block out her moans and excessive groaning. I was in a seriously grumpy mood, but little did I know, my day was about to get a lot better.

    Feeling somebodies eyes on me as I threw my clothes into the washer I turned around to see a young guy staring unashamedly at my butt, usually I would have been seriously offended at this, and say something rude, but the fact of the matter was I was too tired to think of something witty and biting to say, and the guy was also kinda cute.

    He must have been in his late to middle 20’s with shoulder length blonde hair, slightly unshaven, (something I love), and dressed in a tight white T-shirt displaying his muscular body perfectly (something else I love), unfortunately he was also wearing some loose grey slacks, so I couldn’t get a good look at his package (big penises being the thing I love more than anything else).

    “Do you mind?” I asked, even more coyly than I had first intended.

    “No, not at all,” he smiled one of those killer smiles that can melt your heart and turn your legs to jelly.

    “I wonder what the manager of this place would have to say”.

    “He would say ‘nice arse’. I’m the manager, well at least temporarily. Until, my proper career picks up”.

    “Which is?”

    “Ah, you dropped this” he said ignoring my question, handing me a tiny red crotch less feathered V-string.

    “Oh, that’s not mine” I stammered suddenly feeling very embarrassed “That’s my flatmates”.

    Looking me slowly up and down, he replied “Well, that is a pity”.

    “She already taken” I snapped back, surprised at how my feelings were taking me.

    “Is this hers too?” he asked picking up a matching red E-cup sized bra from the pile. I nodded. “Then it is no wonder she has a boyfriend”. He laughed and threw the lingerie into the washing machine.

    “If you have quite finished manhandling my flatmates laundry, perhaps you have your own business to attend to”.

    “Actually, I am waiting for my own laundry, it’s just drying”.

    “Then what are you doing over here in the washing section”.

    “Oh, I though I noticed a hot young sexy lady walk in”.

    Trying to stop my heart from skipping a beat, I replied casually “Oh, yes, and you just thought you’d come over and check out her underwear”.

    “Something like that”. Suddenly an alarmed look crossed his face, and he pulled out his loose slacks and stared pointedly down at his groin “Damn, I need that for tonight”.

    “I’m sure you do” I laughed “Just checking its still there?”

    “Um, can I ask you a favour?” Now it was his turn to be embarrassed “Can I wash my underpants in your machine. Please, I’m a real dope and I need them for tonight. Management would fire me if I used up a machine just to wash one pair of jocks”

    Looking around the little laundrette that was deserted except for two little old ladies and us. I nodded “Alright. They your lucky jocks or something? Get them off”. Taking a towel from a nearby hook, he wrapped it around himself, and let his grey slacks fall to the ground, quickly followed by some black underpants. “I’ll take those,” I said quickly grabbing them.

    “No, please don’t” he gasped desperately reaching for them.

    “You got to touch mine” I replied “Well, my friends anyway”. Seeing the look in his eye I added, “Don’t worry. I won’t look”. Of course, as soon as I turned my back to him I did. They were unusual underpants, quite tight, and seemed to have an extra section around the groin, so that the penis could hang down independently. The inside tag confirmed my suspicions ‘Custom jockstrap. X-large’. Throwing them into the washing machine, I decided that whatever they were, they were obviously made for a man with a large endowment.

    Seeing he still only had his towel wrapped around him, a mischievous idea crept into my head. Surveying the room I saw the two little old ladies were just folding up their clothes. Plus, he was sitting in a pretty dark corner anyway. Sneaking up behind him, I swiftly pulled at his towel taking it into my grasp.

    “Hey!” The first pleasure I glimpsed was his rock hard arse, looking straight at me. However, a second and far greater pleasure was about to be revealed. As he turned to see whom his assailant was, I gasped as the longest thickest pinkest penis I had ever seen flopped into view. The previous year I had had my first encounter with a massive member and thought that pretty special. However, this specimen was clearly beating it by an inch and a half. The underpants clearly had not lied. “Jesus”, he commented trying to hide his manhood, however such was its length and girth he hands could not fully conceal it.

    Trying hard not to laugh, I handed him back the towel. “What the hell did you do that for?” he asked sternly.

    Motioning back towards the washing machine I replied simply “Sorry. I did look. I was just checking to see if it was true”.

    “Satisfied?” he voice still hard edged.

    “Absolutely”, I grinned.

    Instead of being angry, he grinned too, one of his beautiful grins. “Now you’ve seen me, it’s only fair I see you.”

    Trying to think of something witty to counterattack with I found myself instead saying “Yes, I guess that is only fair.”

    He called out to the two old ladies “Nearly finished girls?”

    “Oh, yes dear” they replied as they headed for the exit. As they left I thought I distinctly hear them commenting, “Did you see the size of that thing?”

    “Yes. They didn’t make them like that in our day did they?”


    Jumping over, he locked the front door and turned the sign to ‘CLOSED’ before pulling down the curtain. Then returning to me, he pulled me close, opening up my blouse and causing buttons to fly everywhere. “Don’t worry. I’ll replace them,” he said with a wolfish grin “Hmm, and no bra. Very natural”.

    “It’s Sunday. I was washing them” I replied as I slipped off his towel. This time the penis that greeted me was still long and thick but a darker shade of pink and definitely not flaccid anymore.

    Taking him by the cock I pulled him back towards the washing machine as he simultaneously unbuttoned my jeans. Letting them drop to the floor I stepped out of them slowly. “I believe you were looking at this before” I purred as I turned my butt towards him and bending slipped off my g-string.

    Just before he could grab me I opened the door of the washing machine and threw my clothes in there. Already kneeling I wrapped my hands around his throbbing member and run my tongue slowly along its length trying to estimate its distance end to end before I plunged my face onto it, slurping greedily.

    He casually removes his shirt so we are both naked, his muscles rippling. “Eat your heart out” he says. My hungry lips slide up and down his shaft and I keep devouring the monster until it touches the back of my throat. Pure all natural cock. Looking up, he’s moaning softly, his hands running through my hair deliriously.

    “Not many people can do that,” he says through clenched teeth. I suck on this giant love stick until I sense he’s good and ready. Feeling the heat emanate from the washer, I stand facing the machine, spreading my legs slightly and bend over it so my body is at a right angle.

    “The extra heat really helps to get the blood flowing to the pelvic region,” I explain as he squeezes my butt with an appreciative sigh. His huge penis, dripping wet from my saliva enters me from behind, curling his body over mine. Forcefully, but kindly he lays his arms on top of mine so mine spread over the top of the machine. As he starts to thrust I grin happily. I knew this pose would give him maximum depth. My grin is quickly replaced by a heavy gasp, he needs the maximum depth, and he can go deep – very deep. He thrusting builds to a crescendo and coupled with the vibrations I feel against my clitoris as the spin cycle begins I’m having two orgasmic sensations, at both the back and front of my nether regions.

    With the simultaneous pleasures I know I will not be able to last for long, with each forceful stroke he brings me closer and closer towards climax, while on my front, my clitoris is getting her own extreme workout. I clench my butt cheeks to make it tighter for him, not that it isn’t tight enough already.

    “Yes” he growls and builds up his thrusts into a power drive. Suddenly I let out a low moaning scream. This morning I would have put Johanna to shame. As the orgasmic ripples fade away I feel like I am glowing. He too suddenly groans and expertly pulls out his penis before the inevitable explosion. Watching open eyed I witness as it begins to magnifically pump itself sending a pearly shower over some nearby sheets.

    “Somebodies not going to be happy about that” I say when I can speak again.

    He nods as he opens up another of the washing machines. “I guess we’ll just have to wash them too”. As I begin to understand what he means a wide grin comes to my face.

    Some time later as I leave the laundrette exhausted, I look at one of the peeling posters on the wall. It is an advertisement for a male stripper. I peel it off the wall. “Don’t worry,” I say to my lover, as I leave “With your body plus a cock like that, you won’t be a laundrette manager for long”.
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    very good story
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    Wonderful! I especially liked the part with the old ladies, it made me laugh. I'd love to steal a straight boy's towel and watch himt try to hide his cock in vain...

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    True Confessions of a Size Queen.

    Part 2.

    I shut my eyes hoping that the rocking of the train carriage would hopefully send me to sleep; unfortunately things were conspiring against me.

    “How much longer is this going to take?” asked Kevin for about the thousandth time.

    “I don’t know,” replied my friend Johanna “But it would seem a lot quicker if you would just shut up”.

    We were all going on a holiday to Spain together. I had spent the last six months working in a gentlemen’s club, serving beers and crisps in bras and knickers that were practically ephemeral. However, things had not been going smoothly at all. Originally the plan had been that Johanna and I would travel with our respective boyfriends. Johanna was a few years older than me and a veteran of the club. I think I have mentioned previously her trick of spilling beer down her cleavage for extra customers. However, at the last moment her boyfriend had left her saying that he couldn’t date a stripper any more. She had replied that technically she was just a waitress, who sometimes may have stripped, but he didn’t care. He was off. So Johanna not surprisingly was not in he best of moods. My boyfriend on the other hand was a stripper. We had met a few weeks back in a laundrette and hit it off right away. He wasn’t the smartest tool on the shelf although he did have a certain wit about him at times. More importantly was the tool that hung between his legs. Ever since the previous year when I had had my first experience with a large penis I knew I was a size queen and only the biggest would do. I had tried average sized cocks, but they just didn’t satisfy me like they once had. Unfortunately, my boyfriend had been picked up by one of the Chippendale style clones and was set to tour England so he couldn’t come either.

    Unfortunately as to not waste his ticket and make it economical for us to travel, someone else did have to come. This was Kevin, the owner of one of the smaller penises who I had tried out unsuccessfully. He had been only too happy to agree and travel with us. (Probably hoping to have another go with me in the sack). He also was only too happy to complain at every spare moment.

    “How much longer now” Kevin asked for the thousandth plus one time a little later.

    “We – don’t – know” Johanna spat out each word slowly and with venom “Can’t you just admire the view”.

    Kevin licked his lips “Well, I could admire the view if you two ladies weren’t dressing so frigid. He stared pointedly at Johanna E-cup sized breasts that were straining to be contained by her sweater “It’s cold in this carriage. You think I’m going to be pouring beer down my cleavage for your pleasure”.


    “Oh my god. Can’t you get your boyfriend to shut up?”

    “He’s not my boyfriend” I replied.

    “Oh honey. Don’t say that” Kevin said offended

    “Don’t worry,” said Johanna in a mock soothing voice “You’ll be able to check out our goodies when we finally get to Costa Brave and their fabulous nudist beach.

    “Oh right” Kevin said unenthusiastically “I think I’m going to go to the bat. Anyone else want to come”.

    We both shook our heads, so Kevin briskly picked up his stuff and left muttering to himself. “He always frowns when I mention the nudist beach,” Johanna said once he had left “Bit embarrassed is he. Not got much to show”.

    “He’s not too bad” I replied “Nothing to write home about”.

    “Here’s something to write home about” Johanna pointed out the carriage window. Walking along the platform was a man who could have stepped right out of a textbook example for a Latin lover. He was tall, had long dark hair, dressed in a colourful open shirt, and was wearing the tightest pair of blue denim jeans imaginable. It looked like he would have to prise himself into them. As my eyes went to his jeans my heart stopped beating for a moment. It looked like there was encased in the tight jeans a giant sausage.

    “That is something to write home about” I whispered.

    “It can’t be real, can it?” asked Johanna in an equally awed voice.

    Suddenly, he looked up from his ticket and looked right at us, our noses pushed up towards the glass, our tongues practically hanging out. Embarrassed we quickly jumped back to our seat. “He’ mine” I hissed sharply as we did so.

    “You’ve already got a big dick back home. Can’t you give some others some fun for a change?”

    “Look, with your cleavage, you can get any guy you want”.

    “You’re not such a bad looker yourself lady”.

    “Why thank you. Anyway, what are the chances he’s going to get into our compartment anyway?”

    In my experience it is when you start to say things like ‘oh that will never happen’ or ‘that’s impossible’ is the same time when that thing actually does come true. A few moments later the door slid open. At first I didn’t look up expecting it to be Kevin returning from the restaurant car. Then I heard Johanna breathing become slightly deeper.

    “Hello stranger” she said in a sultry voice.

    “Err, hello” came the reply in a thick Spanish accent “I’m sorry. I not speak good English”.

    “That’s okay” she replied taking off her sweater to better reveal her ripe accessories “I don’t speak any Spanish”.

    Smiling in return he leaned over me to place his bags on the overhead baggage holders. For a moment his bulge was right in front of me. I placed my hand next to it as if trying to see if it could possible be real. Johanna looked across at me, mouthing the word ‘no’.

    “What is your name?” I asked trying to keep my voice steady.

    “I am Julio” he answered hesitantly.

    “I am Johanna and this is my friend” Johanna said quickly “And we are very pleased to meet you”.

    After he sat down there were a few minutes of stunned awkward silence. Johanna crossed and uncrossed her legs a couple of time, then sighed. Always a girl to get straight to the point she leaned provocatively forwards and asked, “Do you have a girlfriend?”

    “I’m sorry. I do not understand the question”.

    Johanna stood up and came and straddled him, one hand flicking his bulge “Do you want to fuck me, and her?”

    Although his English wasn’t that good he nodded slowly. “This is not trick no?”

    “No, I said. I’ll go first. Show me the way to the bathroom. Johanna can keep watch”.

    “Ah, Bathroom” He nodded and led the way.

    “You bitch” Johanna said well naturedly as I followed behind.

    “Don’t worry. You’ll get your turn”.

    We slammed into the small bathroom cubicle with a thud laughing and giggling. “Not much room eh,” I laughed. Julio just looked at me with a quizzical expression. Trying to show him something he could understand I hitched up my skirt. A broad smile crept across his face “Now you’re getting the picture” I said as I began to unbutton his jeans. In response he slipped off my panties tucking them into his shirt pocket like a lacy handkerchief. After doing so he slipped one large finger into my pussy and slowly massaged as he placed his thumb onto my clitoris.

    In response I whimpered with pleasure but had to pull his hand out “We don’t have so much time” I said slowly pointing to my watch. Nodding he let his jeans drop to the floor, his bulge jutting unmistakably out. Seeing me staring at it in pure awe he laughed “Err, mucho grandes” I said trying to summon up some Spanish from somewhere.

    As this just caused him to laugh again I leant against the wall with my legs slightly spread. Then leaning one hand out I pulled him underpants down, releasing his huge throbbing cock which due to the trains vibrations was bobbing up and down like a little boy nodding his head saying “Yes! Yes! Yes!” It was more the size of a little boys arm though. Due to the size of the cubicle it wasn’t possible to move without his penis slapping into me.

    As I watched in stunned amazement I didn’t gasp or scream in wonderment. I just kept opening and closing my mouth like a fish. Words could not describe its massive beauty. I am not at all surprised ay how wet I am. I feel like I could orgasm just looking at this thing.

    I guided his large hands to the back of my thighs and wrapped my arms around his neck. Seeming to understand he lifted me up and held my legs snugly against his hips. For leverage and to make sure I didn’t fall back onto the ground I planted both of my feet against the opposite wall, managing to easily hold myself up.

    Then he slipped himself into me, he practically had to. With his massive member it simply wasn’t possible for him to put it anywhere else. “This is a primal position, good for fast sex, understand, fast? I don’t know if he understood anything else I was saying but he certainly understood sex. As be begun to split me apart with his love pole I continued “You as you have to press against me to hold your position, this leads to intense clitoral …” I finished with a load moan. He understood the intense clitoral contact all right.

    Luckily this position also meant he was able to thrust deeply, something he needed to do. As he did so he kissed my mouth passionately, making gentle swirling motions, which were in stark contrast to his frenzied action down below. He knew how to kiss and he knew how to thrust. In response I tried to clamp my thighs around him to tighten the vaginal canal and create a tighter pathway to increase the pleasurable friction for him. I wasn’t overly surprised when I found I couldn’t clamp it very tight. He was already filling me up. I still gasped in excitement though followed by more groans.

    As he thrusts get faster and ever more deeper I unwrap a hand from around his neck and undo a few buttons on my shirt. Wishing I had worn a sexier bra I pop one breast out of its cup and guide the hard nipple to Julio’s mouth. He starts to suck it forcefully like starved baby as he continues grinding, pushing his massive cock deeper and deeper into me.

    “Excuse me are you alright in there?” a concerned voice asked.

    “Yes, we’re – ah I’m fine”

    “It’s just that I need to use the bathroom”

    “Then find another place,” I yelled with surprisingly ferocity.

    Less than a minute later there was another knock on the door. “I thought I told you I’m fine,” I groaned as I began to let the rhythm take me away.

    “I’m sure you’re better than fine” laughed Johanna “However, Kevin is on his way back”.

    “Oh, okay. Thanks for the warning.” With a free hand I slapped Julio’s butt urging him on. He didn’t need much encouragement. I bite down on his shoulder as my orgasm starts to overwhelm me.

    Grunting he starts to fuck me hard and fast, ready to bring himself off. With a final cubicle rattling thrust he drove it home, exploding deep inside me, he grunting with ecstasy, me letting out one of the loudest orgasmic screams I have ever known to be emitted from my throat.

    Smiling he washed himself off in the basin as we quickly got dressed. Hurrying back to our train carriage compartment we made it back just before Kevin walked in with a pile of chips and various other fast food items.

    “Who’s this guy then?” he asked pointing at Julio.

    “Just a new friend” Johanna replied casually “He’s going to show me where the bathrooms are a little later.

    Then we both started to laugh.
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