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    Is it normal for a condom that it does and will not stay on the shaft of my dick? When i put it on my hard cock it is hard to get it on because there is a big upwards curve but that not the point cause when I roll it down against my stomach it just rolls back to almost the middle of my dick . I Use normal size condoms. Middle of the penis i am 5.5 inch and going further i reach almost the 6 inch. So my question is the roll back of the condom that is due to my girth on the shaft of my dick? Maybe i retoric question but i am little bit uncertain about it. Just ask you 'dick'size experts.. Should i get bigger size condom i am afraid it will slip off or break with all the consequences of course...

    Here's a pic

    It looks like 3 inch in length:D.. don't know why but it is 5.5x 6 inch
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