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    So I met this girl last March. She and I really seemed to have hit it off. After a couple of weeks of meeting up and going out, she invites me to go to a city held festival. While there I got to meet her amazing four year old daughter. We spent the whole day together, having a blast. While the girl I was seeing went to the restroom, I watched her daughter and we talked. As we were talking, the daughter informed me of her mom's roommate, a guy named Justin (the only name that I will use in this). At first I think nothing of it and continue to enjoy my day. That night, as my date takes me back to my car, we make plans to go to the beach the next day.

    The next day we go to the beach, and while her daughter is playing in the sand, we sat and talked. She informs me that she knows that her daughter told me about Justin and that she wanted to explain. Justin is a former boyfriend that still lives with her. While nothing is going on between them, she tells me that she doesn't want to show too much affection in front of her daughter so as not to confuse her or have her get attached to me.

    A couple of more months of this goes on, and we rarely go out just us anymore... Her daughter is always there. Then about five months ago I do something that I rarely do, and I log into Facebook. While on Facebook, she sends me an instant message stating, "Hey, glad I caught you. We really need to talk." (I know, nothing ever good starts that way.) So we talk, and she informs me that things got really ugly between her and Justin and that long story short, he got arrested. She tells me that while she really enjoys spending time with me, she is just not ready to try and start up a new relationship. She hopes that we can still remain friends and that when she feels the time is right, she will let me know.

    While still going out every once in a while and calling each other, we start to lose contact with one another. Then, she randomly calls me up one night asking if I want to join her at a local bar. Of course I meet up with her and we sit there and talk. After getting some liquid courage in me, I decide to just ask her where exactly this is leading. She tells me that she really likes being with me, but with me going on an extended business trip, she doesn't think it would be fair for us to start something at this time. She says that she's willing to try when I get back.

    Well, about a week later she contacts me asking me to join her at the bar again. For some reason I go, and we meet up and actually have an amazing time. We have a couple of drinks, dance, talk. Then as the night gets late, she starts to get really flirtatous. She starts rubbing on my arms, instead of just talking to me, she leans in and whispers in my ear, licking it every once in a while. The dancing goes from just dancing to her grabbing me by my ass and thrusting me into her. This goes on for about an hour then she just stops and says, "Alright, I had fun. See ya later," and leaves. It was that night that I decided that she just wasn't worth it.

    Today, around 1000 she calls me again, asking if I could help her in her move. Since I had told her previously that I would, I go and help her. When I show up at her place, she meets me at the door and introduces me to... Justin. So I help her and as soon as things were done, I just leave. I don't try and hang around, I don't try and help put things up, I just leave. Like I previously said, I came to the conclusion that I've had it with her. I done with trying to be there for her, always helping her when she needs it. So completely putting her out of my mind, I enjoy the rest of my day, watching football, and getting ready for my upcoming move. About forty minutes ago, she calls yet again, asking if I was at my place. I tell her that I am, and she says that she's coming over. I don't know why, but for some reason I thought, "Finally... Finally she is ready!" About ten minutes after she calls, she knocks on my door and I answer it. She's standing there with a six pack of beer saying that she wanted to thank me for today. As I let her in, her phone rings and she answers it. She says, "Hey Justin! How's it going? No I'm not doing anything. Sure, I'll meet you there." She then hands me the beer and says "Sorry to run on ya," and leaves.

    I have had it. I am so tired of this scenario happening to me. It seems that every time I meet a girl that I really like and hit it off with, they decide that I'm a nice guy and abuse it. What is it with women taking the nice guy and just treating him like shit? Why do they keep going back to the douche bag?

    I don't know what I'm expecting by posting this, I guess that I just need to blow off some steam.
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    First off, stop hanging out with this girl, she is playing you, but I think that you've already come to that conclusion. It's a shame she has a kid and is subjecting her kid to all this.

    The last part of your post breaks my heart babe. Nice guys are my favorite and I don't like it when women don't treat them right. I can't tell you why girls tend to like jerks. I had a relationship with a jerk once, and I wouldn't want to do that again.

    All I can tell you is that there are women out there who appreciate a nice guy, there just aren't many. And at the very least you gotta nice cock, so she's missing out. Her loss.
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