Conroy The Cuntlapper-the beginnings

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    Conroy the cuntlapper was a name which both haunted him and endeared him. The ladies loved him and wanted his talents, all of them. The men who got wind of him were alternately jealous of him and hating him. Hs abilities, or assets as some would call them were visible bulging away in his trousers. But what made him legendary was his tongue!

    And what a tongue it was! Ray Conroy had been blessed with a tongue which extended from below the bottom of his chin to well past his eyebrows. Not only that it had amazing rapidity- almost like that of a lizards tongue and that was what made the women go crazy with want. Of course it hadn't always been that way. Back when he was a running back on a college football team, he had gotten together with the other players and their coach as well as the two assistant coaches for a little weekend fun with the cheerleaders. It was all legal, they were all past 18 and as far as the organizers- that being Coach Bevan and Assistant Coach Quinn-all of them were experienced at fucking. Except for Conroy they all were. At 21 Ray was looking for his first shot at pussy.

    Truth being what it was, Assistant Coach Quinn had seen Conroy's schlong hanging large and flaccid and wanted to see that thing in action. Most people paid it no mind- or very little since on a guy the size of Conroy it never seemed too big in appearance. Even Conroy's massive hands made his cock look average- they were however great for holding a football. Quinn was different though, he loved doing things with men and getting his ass plugged by them or just sucking them dry. The fact that he was married and had 3 daughters was of no matter to him- he hadn't had sex with his wife in more than 8 years now.

    Anyway, it was November and the team had a schedule with a gap, since their next competitor had been caught in a legal snafu when half the players got arrested for drug possession. That college had to scrap the remainder of the season, much to the delight of all the other schools since it had been the expected winner. Quinn hastily organized the get away and there they were, 28 men and 15 women in a ski lodge for 4 days and 5 nights.

    Conroy had watched as the other fellows all took their turns with the girls. He hadn't told anyone the truth and he knew he was going to have to perform soon. He kept massaging his tube keeping it firm and then pulling back before shooting his wad. He stared as Coach Bevan mounted little Gloria Welles and knew he was next up. "Dear God don't let me fuck this up." he failed to see the absurdity of his thought. And then he heard the gurgling sounds of George Bevan as he reached the pinnacle of his fucking and sent a torrent of cream deep inside the petite beauty.

    As Coach Bevan disengaged his still half hard cock the suction release sound sent a ripple of excitement into Conroy and he stiffened right up as he approached the girl who he was about to lose his virginity to. As he pushed into her she let out a high pitched scream which scared the hell out of him but he still thought everything was okay. Bevan came over and pulled him back by the shoulders and told him to get the right hole. Then he saw the young player was in the right hole- and fairly well stuck there. The others had stopped their activities as well and were all getting as close as they could to see the action. Assistant Coach James Quinn was grinning like crazy at the sight and was duly turned on his 5 incher-victim of the Irish Curse apparently- became diamond cutter hard even though it was on the short side. His hairiness didn't help matters any either as it obscured part of his dick,

    "Pull him out let's measure that thing." Quinn got in back of Conroy and pulled the struggling young man away from the tight hot hole he was enjoying. Bevan took hold of the wet stick and let out a gasp. "Fuck and I thought I was thick." His average sized hands failed to entirely encircle the throbbing shaft which much to Conroy's embarrassment was still hard and he knew from the feeling what was going to happen next. As more than a dozen fellows gathered around and Coach Bevan measured the monster, Ray prayed it would stop but it wouldn't. How could it with those hands brushing against his balls and pressing against his meat while Quinn held the penis steady for an accurate measurement...and then it happened, the precum started to drip out. Knowing he had to work fast Bevan switched to measure the girth having already indicated the length. It was a struggle since Quinn didn't want to let go- he was working fast as well, gently massaging the meat tube and then Conroy's most awful moment- the spurts began and shot straight out as his upper body pulsated in convulsion like motions while Quinn kept working at it and Coach Bevan stared at his hands as he wiped the cum off of his lips and chin where the first volley had hit.

    After that night, Conroy had gone back to working his hands on his cock- it was another 3 years before he finally came inside a woman and he had paid big bucks for that one. Men on the other hand often seemed all to willing to have him shove that oversized jackhammer into them. Starting with Assistant Coach Quinn who got him the very night of his awkwardness. Quinn became his manager as well, lining up the men who Conroy would receive pleasure from;. Problem was that Conroy wanted women. He had always been charged up by them and even with Quinn and other guys it was still women who initially made his battery pack operate. Once hard it was the stimulation- he knew that, and at that point anyone would do- including the 90 year old former lover of Quinn. After that Conroy knew he needed a woman and wanted revenge on the bastard Quinn. So he handed a thousand dollars to Quinn's wife and then had his way with her. Two days later he took Quinn's daughter for free. First he deflowered the 18 year old and then as they learned in the following months, he knocked her up. When she was 7 months along they got married for the sake of the baby- and Conroy's life since James Quinn owned a rather extensive set of guns and knew how to use them.. The marriage crumbled in less than a year and Conroy sought out other women, who were surprisingly willing to let him have sex with them. Many were married and over the next several years a few even bore his children. At the age of 30 he had 19 children that he was aware of- all boys. for which he was grateful since he knew if there was a daughter, he might end up accidentally doing things with her 20 years hence. Not because he wanted to be incestuous, but because he wasn't part of their day to day existence and so he wouldn't know if the girl he was about to fuck was his or not. Besides, Conroy was a morally intentioned man- he always felt a stab of guilt after fucking a married woman. Of course he got over that by eating them out and getting his face soaked in their nectars.

    By age 40 he was in charge of production at his company and had a mostly female staff- by choice. Being generous he brought other men from the company up to his office on a regular basis and let them have a go at some of the ladies. After they were gone he began his real delight. He'd spread their legs and lips apart and poke his tongue into their hot depths, searching and slurping and cleaning out all traces of what any man had left there. There were times he wondered if he'd become bisexual; but then another snatch would appear for him to examine and he knew that wasn't even a possibility. Liking the taste of cum mixed with pussy juices was not bisexual- just an easy way to get a protein infusion he reasoned with himself.

    Conroy was always finding a way to bring the woman to the brink of orgasm, he'd stop just short before slamming his cock deep inside and finishing them off leaving his own mark of cum inside them while their quivering sex slot gripped tight around his still stiff shaft and bathed it in warm flowing liquid. He'd smile a short while later as they would stand and some remnants of what he had given them would exit.

    And then it was on to the next one. Another set of lips to part and another clitty to search for before beginning his next feast.

    Okay, so Conroy the Cuntlapper wasn't the moniker he might have dubbed himself with but it wasn't near as godawful as the one that old Bill Manning had been saddled with- Baby Bill- mostly due to his size and inability of getting it up. 'Yeah," mused Conroy, "I've done okay." And so had quite a few ladies.
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