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Discussion in 'Relationships, Discrimination, and Jealousy' started by dafeesh, Feb 2, 2012.

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    Hello, wonderful folks of LPSG..good evening.

    I wanted to discuss some issues when starting a relationship/dating someone new..
    Some Background info. I had seen this girl about a year and a half ago after I had broken with my girlfriend of four years. I wasn't anywhere in the mindset to start a new relationship and we stopped seeing each other. We didn't see each other for a while but kept each other in the back of our minds.

    She contacted me last Friday and we decided to go out and get some drinks. Everything was good..conversation..laughing..joking..good time.
    After that night I was really excited because I usually don't meet this type of girl(really smart, funny, sexy). I text messaged her the next day to let her know that I had an awesome time and it was kept at that. Went out with friends that night. On Sunday, I text messaged her again since I wanted to go visit her during her lunch break. I did and it was good. The next day..she messaged me and talked on and off during the day. Then on Tuesday she didn't have to work so she called me and asked what I was doing. so we spent most of the day together and had a really good time. I text messaged her yesterday to have a good day at work but she didnt respond for a few hours so I didn't reply because I was asleep and then just messaged her a little bit ago letting her know that shes amazing and hoping her a good day.

    These experiences brought on some new feelings..some good..some not so good. Since she's older..I'm in my early 20's and she is in her early 30's..I feel insecure about how much more experience she has and how she is not saturating my phone trying to contact me which is a good thing and means independence but I'm not used to it since younger girls will blow up your phone first thing in the morning haha I'm afraid that she wont take me as seriously.
    These feelings don't really matter because I tell myself that if she doesn't like how i operate and who I am then it really is not meant to be. I like to remind someone that i care/love/like whatever in whatever form I can and be sweet and all those things. If she doesn't like someone contacting her everyday..then ditto.

    I did wonder older women feel about younger mean being infatuated with them and where do you draw the line on too much contact? Is it always harder to take someone younger seriously or is it based on an individual basis?
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