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    Sep 27, 2005
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    Hi LPSG
    I'm a freelance documentary maker currently working for an award-winning production company based in London, and am in pre-production on a one-hour, prime-time documentary for Channel 4 (a main network channel in the UK). The doc is about about the cultural myths and realities of having a large penis, and I looking for contributors who'd be willing to talk to me about their experiences, both good and bad.
    This is a genuine request, and the documentary will be an intelligent look at the question of size - I'm not seeking to sensationalise at all. I'm happy to consider any genuine serious replies, and am looking for any age / race / sexuality - what's important is that you have an interesting story and your large penis has had an impact on your life.
    Contact me at my email address, and I'll try my best to follow up all replies as quickly as possible. Thanks and talk to you soon.
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