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    Exxon-Mobil was allowed to merge and then Exxon sold Mobil (at least in my area) to Lukoil- a Russian company, to get rid of competition. Mobil was the one of the best, most well respected service station and now there is a "cheapo" brand taking it's place.

    Exxon is now making record profits. They not only passed the cost on to consumers (from when gas was less than $1.50 a gallon a few years ago) but they have profited from the price increases.

    Sirius Satellite Radio wants to merge with XM but the government is dragging it's feet on the merger for over a year. It wont be a Monopoly because it is not a necessity. They are competing with regular radio.

    The government split Sirius's signal to make the two Satellite Radio companies. If they are allowed to merge it will increase the signal and we may be able to have satellite TV in our cars.

    Many mergers take less than a month to approve. If the Sirius-XM one is not allowed both companies may go bankrupt.

    Our government is so corrupt with lobbyists and crooked politicians that it's a miracle when anything good gets done.
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