could my size be the issue

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    hello all......we we have been trying for a baby for about 3 months, and yesterday we was 5 days late with aunt off to wally world for the test....and yes it was a big negative. So yesterday we was talking about what could be the problem and something that she brought up was that could be the issue is that when I have an orgasm; that there is no room in her for the sperm to pool. that it is forced out of her during my orgasm (I have noticed this too). During sex I am at the bottom of her and there is no room left for the sperm to go, and on the out stroke I am afraid that I am pulling most of it back out. Now I realize that it only takes one little guy to get the job done, but I want as many as possible to be left in there...hehehehe. So last night I only went in 1/2 way and on the out strock, I made sure that I kept my foreskin retracted. The she layed there with her knees to her chest so that the sperm doesnt run out of her. Any more suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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