Couple questions.

Discussion in 'Sex With a Large Penis' started by Onizuka0, Jul 22, 2009.

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    Jul 22, 2009
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    So, I got out of an eight month relationship back in October.
    (sadly thats the longest I've been with a woman)

    and ever since then I kinda wanted to stay single. get college started,over, done with and what not.
    Me and my ex ended on bad terms I think. So, I'm just wondering if I wanted to stay single just because I'm terrified to waste time with another woman.
    I love being single. but at the same time I would like a long relationship if I met the right person.

    So do any guys/girls know what I'm talking about? I feel a bit trapped if I'm with the same person for so long and we have nothing in common.
    ( I know this should be in the relationship part of the forum but I'm not finished yet!)

    Now, since I'm single...I kinda want to get out, party and stuff. so this girl wants to hangout with me in a couple days, Shes really cool (not relationship worthy) attractive and well...'loose' lol. She says that shes slept with over 10 guys, said it wasn't over 20.

    not saying I'm going to have sex with her or anything but if I did, do you think she would be pretty loose? My penis size is pretty average I think which is 6x5 and If I encountered a loose vagina, is there any techniques I could pull off to maybe make this girl go crazy?

    and is this looked down upon by women to just sleep with girls?

    (I ask this because If I was to one day get into a long-term relationship I don't want the girl to get scared of dating me just because of a day of fun that I had a while back)

    and by the way hi! I'm new!

    -sorry if you cannot understand the questions. I have a hard time explaining things.

    , thanks
  2. hung

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    May 10, 2004
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    Time will resolve your questions. You will know when the correct female comes along for you. In the meantime practice safe sex. That may mean self-pleasuring or full blown intercourse with an appropriate condom.

    I wish you will.
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