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    Jan 19, 2009
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    Hey everyone,

    I've never had real sex with a woman. I have played with girls but never had full on intercourse. I've been curious for a while now about that. I was just wondering if any married men or women on here have ever had threeways. I would love to get fucked while fucking some guys wife. I'd like to lick the underside of a guys cock while it's going in and out of his girl or wife's pussy. Just looking to hear stories or experiences, or if any other gay guys have had thoughts like this, would love to hear it.
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    Jan 9, 2008
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    Yes I have had thoughts like this ever since I was a teenager, and I'd do it.
    I've just been with same gendered male couples a few rare times.

    I don't know many gay men who want to do this but I know lots of bisexual men who want to do this or who do it.

    My ex, he wanted us to have sex with a woman and each other or at least he'd fantasize a lot about it during sex and I would have done this but it never happened. It did give me some hot sex dreams and sex fantasies about fucking his ass while he fucked or ate out a short/thin femme Latin woman, or I'd suck his cock after it had been in her or touch/lick his balls while he fucked her or even rim him, or have him do this to me. Or the idea of double vaginal penetration with another guy, while I hear that most women can't do this, it is a hot fantasy.

    I have a straight 1970s porn that has hairy thin men who tag team a woman one fucks her vagina while another man fucks her ass, and it's VERY HOT and the one guy's cum lands on the other guy's cock! hehehehehe
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