Crazy Summer

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    Jun 12, 2004
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    Alexandria, Va
    My friend Brian and I grew up in a small town in southeastern Pa, went to high school together and headed off to different universities. We got together occasionally over holidays and summers but didn’t really stay in close contact. Like many recent college grads in the current economy, we’re both back at home living with our parents looking for work. While it kinda sucks to be living with your parents after the freedom of four years of college, it has given me a chance to get caught up with my old buds, including Brian who I’ve been hanging out with quite a bit. But it has also brought about some crazy shit. Here goes…

    Last month, Brian’s folks were out of town for the weekend. The plan was to meet at his place, watch the Phillies game (this was when they were playing good ball), and then hit some of the local establishments to meet some hotties to take back to his place. It sounded like a good plan anyway. The moment I arrived, Brian cracked a beer and handed it to me. We sat around drinking and shooting the shit all afternoon. We eventually ordered a pizza and watched the game. After the game, we headed out to some of the local bars. Problem was, we were already pretty buzzed and not in top game shape for picking up women. We both struck out a few times and after we almost got into a fight with an asshole bouncer, we decided to head back to his place where we promptly fired up another brew. Being drunk, 22 year-old guys, the conversation of course turned to sex. We started to talk about high school, girls we fucked, girls we wanted to fuck but never did, girls who had the biggest tits, girls who gave the best head, etc. At one point, I noticed that Brian had a good sized bulge sticking out from his gym shorts.

    “Sporting some wood over there or what dude?” I laughed.

    Brian reached down and grabbed his dick, the outline (which looked like a big banana) clearly showing through his gym shorts. Brian always bragged about the size of his dick and I had seen it many times before, just never hard.

    “Shit man, this talk about blow jobs and fucking has me horned man. I need some bad.”

    “I know dude. Sucks we didn’t score any pussy”

    “Ahh, it’s cool man. We’re guys – we think about it 24-7 anyway. I just wish chicks could separate sex from love the way we can. I mean just fuck around and have some fun, you know? What the fuck, feels great, right?”

    “Yeah dude.”

    Then Brian started getting a little weird.

    “I mean, I’d just kill for someone who gives great head, dude. I don’t care what they look like or if they’re a cow or a ho or whatever. If they just wanna suck my dick and are good at it, I’m all over it.”

    “Yeah Brian, I guess you’re right.”

    “Fuck yeah. Know something else? Guys know what shit feels like. We know how to do physical stuff ‘cause we know how it feels.”

    “You lost me there man.”

    “Here I’ll show ya.” Brian said getting up from his easy chair. “Take your shirt off dude.”

    Brian came over and kneeled next to me on the sofa. The outline of his boner was still clearly visible and it was now a little too close for my liking. But I trusted Brian totally and knew for sure he wasn’t gay so I didn’t let it bother me and did what he asked.

    “Now just close your eyes and relax man”.

    I did as he said. Then I felt his hands start to massage my shoulders. This was not just any massage though. Brian was a sports medicine major in college and had tons of training in giving massages. And to call what I was getting just a massage wouldn’t do it justice. From my shoulders he worked his way down my back massaging my spine. Then he turned to the front and massaged my pecs and abs. The magic his fingers were working had me somewhere between a state of euphoria and a state of ecstasy. Actually, I’ve had sex that didn’t feel this good. He worked his way back up my to my shoulders again then up my neck. Then he hit the pressure points around my temples, and palmed the top of my skill. It felt like my whole body just melted away in his hands. At one point, I felt his still-hard cock brush up against the top of my head a couple of times. I have no idea if this was accidental or on purpose, but in my nearly hypnotic trance I really didn’t care. At some point between moans, I mumbled something like “Damn Brian that feels great”.

    I guess that was his cue. Because he slowly stopped the massage and in a soft but firm voice whispered “Glad you liked it Dave. Could you do something for me now please?”

    At this point I was looking straight down. When I slowly lifted my head to look up at Brian, I saw that he had hooked the waistband of his shorts with his thumb and had quietly pulled them down. No longer constrained, his fat 8-inch cock was now staring me right in the face, the head about two inches from my lips. Up until this point, I had never so much as thought about sucking another guy’s dick. And part of me wanted to throw him off the couch and punch him in the face. But the dulling effect of the alcohol and the calming effect of his massage had me in a very mellow state.

    “Are you fucking crazy dude?” I mumbled. “You know I’m not into that shit.”

    “Come on man. I made you feel really good. It’s your turn and I need this really bad. Besides - no one’s ever gonna know about this.”

    His argument was in some strange way making sense. After all, he had just given me intense pleasure. Didn’t I owe the same to him? And he wasn’t some stranger, he was a good friend. It didn’t seem like that big of a deal to help him out.

    Brian just kept pushing it. I think he could tell I was starting to crack.

    “Come on Dave, it’s no big deal. Just wrap your lips around it and swirl your tongue around it a little. Please?”

    He somehow had me convinced that I did owe him a blowjob. And it almost seemed easier to just give him what he wanted than to keep fighting it. So I just looked up at him right into his eyes and said “All right Brian.”

    He didn’t waste any time, thrusting his hips forward until his big dick brushed up against my face. I parted my lips and let him slip the head into my mouth. I licked it a little and then closed my lips around it. It didn’t taste or feel like anything I’d imagined. His dick was hot and felt velvety smooth and even though he’d pissed out of it many times that evening, it tasted really clean. Now I had never given head before but I have gotten hundreds of blowjobs. So I know what feels good and (perhaps more importantly) what doesn’t. So I just sucked Brian’s cock the way I liked to have mine sucked. I have a long, wide tongue and started licking the underside of his shaft while my lips sucked tightly around the head. And of course, I never let my teeth touch his dick. From all of the moaning Brian was doing, I knew it was working. After a couple minutes of this, I slowed down a little bit and started taking his cock a little deeper. I got the head down past the back of my throat, eliciting louder moans and “dude fuck yeah!” from Brian. With my lips still wrapped tightly around his shaft, I got to within about two inches of taking it all the way down to the base before gag reflexes took over and I had to back off. I alternated between taking him in my throat and sucking on the head and licking his shaft, doing each for a few minutes before switching to the other, gently fondling his large, hairy balls with my hands the whole time. For someone who’d never even thought about sucking cock before, I was really getting into sucking Brian’s. I became driven with desire to please him like he had pleased me. He really seemed to like his dick in my throat and I wanted to take it all for him. With increased determination, I dove down on his cock, guiding the head down my throat and being ever so careful not to scrape any part of it with my teeth. I kept going until I had all of it completely stuffed down my throat and my nose was buried in his thick mound of black cock hair. “Oh God dude…FUCK!” I thought Brian might pass out. Unfortunately, I could only hold this for a second before gagging and at one point I was really close to outright puking. But I kept going deep on his cock because Brian seemed to be totally loving it. He had one hand on my shoulder and another one on the back of my head occasionally pulling it into him a little to encourage me to deep throat it again. I was so mesmerized by sucking his dick that I forgot about him shooting his load. After about 15 minutes of intense sucking, without any warning, Brian let out a low “aw fuck” and I felt his dick begin to throb. Just as I realized what was happening, I felt the first shot of his semen shooting across my tongue. When I’m getting head I hate it when the girl sucking me off stops sucking when I shoot. So I made sure I kept up a strong sucking action on Brian’s dick while it continued to spurt in my mouth. He kept shooting for about 15 seconds, crying out each time he shot. I don’t know exactly how many times he shot, but it created quite a mouthful. As Brian’s fat dick finally slipped out of my mouth, I swallowed all of his semen in one big gulp. It just seemed like the natural thing to do. Again I was surprised – this time about how it tasted. Not bitter at all, in fact sort of sweet.

    Brian collapsed on the couch and seemed totally spent. “FFFFuuuck dude”…. He quickly dosed off.

    Sitting there, I tried to take in what had just happened. I looked over at his stiff but no longer hard cock, which was still glistening with my spit. Part of me didn’t want to believe that I had just sucked off my buddy and had swallowed his spunk. But that’s exactly what had just happened. What was even harder to believe was that I had actually enjoyed it - my own dick had been rock hard the whole time.

    Feelings of guilt or not, I was totally horned up and had to take care of it. I stripped off my shorts and started to jack my own seven incher. While I was stroking, I wasn’t thinking about the babe I had been trying to sweet talk earlier that night in the bar. I was thinking about sucking Brian’s cock and how great it felt and tasted. In only a few minutes, I could feel an intense orgasm building. I gave it a few more strokes and started spewing more jiz than I’ve ever shot. The first two blasts flew over my head and hit the wall behind the sofa. The next five or six landed on my face, neck, chest and stomach. I just laid there for awhile, now totally drained like Brian.

    The next day it was as if nothing had ever happened the night before. I really wondered if Brian was feeling guilty about fooling around like that. I had somewhat strange feelings myself- guilt and confusion mostly - but I knew I definitely enjoyed what had happened. For the next few weeks we continued doing the same things we’d done before “the event”. We even hooked up with girls a couple of times. Then one night we were out at a bar with a group of friends shooting some pool. One of the guys was talking about this chick he had met the night before. “Man, what a smokin hot bitch - too bad she gave lousy head” he said. We all started laughing. When I looked over at Brian, he was staring right at me with a grin on his face a mile wide. When we made eye contact, he just winked at me and I laughed back. This seemed to be our way of saying we were both cool with what had happened.

    Last week, Brian came over to my place to hang out. We went down to the basement and started watching TV.

    “You know Bri”, I casually said. “I have this little crick in my neck that I can’t seem to work out.”

    Brian practically jumped out of his chair. “Dude I can take care of that!”

    What happened after that, I’m sure you can imagine. I’m really looking forward to the rest of the summer!

    Let me know what you guys think of this…
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    Aug 2, 2004
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    Great story. Well written and extremely hot! I appreciate you effort and I'm sure others will too! Good job, uh no pun intended.
  3. reir

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    May 11, 2004
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    MO, USA
    Excellent writing!
  4. george

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    Aug 2, 2004
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    Totally, TOTALLY hot!! Man, you had me hard right along with Brian.

    Please write some more, you are very good.

  5. luix

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    May 27, 2004
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    Totally Hot, made me hard (I´m at job right now).
    It is said that second parts never as good as the first ones... this could be de exception, keep going!!!
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