Cruel Colt

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    Cruel Colt

    I stopped my car right in front of the big gate and stepped out of it. I walked towards the gate and looked at the big country house at the end of the driveway.
    I didn't know what to expect. Maybe they would be nice and friendly but I doubted it. They would probably treat me just as they always do at the society.
    I found the intercom and pressed the button. Naturally it was Colt who answered it and said I could come in.

    When I reached the house, I parked my car and walked to the front door. I noticed the door was ajar. I pushed it a little further and peeked inside.
    "Hello? Anybody there? Colt? Hello!"
    "Yes! Here, we're upstairs, you can come!" It wasn't Colt that responded but Peter.

    The hall was huge and well decorated. There was a reindeer hide and some black-and-white photographs on the wall. The wealth made only a little impression on me. My parents where also pretty rich.

    When I opened the door of the room where the sound came from I saw them both, Colt and Peter. Both best friends of each other, but I hated their guts.
    "Alan-boy, how do you feel today?!", Colt asked me with a nasty smile.
    "Fine, and you?", I replied his greeting friendly.
    "Always in a good mood, take a seat."
    I took a chair and waited.
    "So, you're here to make things right, am I correct?", Colt asked me.
    "Yeah, that's right."
    "That's vital."

    It was only a couple of days ago when I made a terrible but forgiveable mistake. At the golfclub I go to was a party and at that party I accidentaly dropped a glass of beer over Colt's head. He was mad as hell and tried to beat me. As I didn't want to get hit in front of all the members I stopped him and asked him how I could make amends to him for it. He and his friend told me to come over.

    "So, how can I make it up with you?", I asked Colt.
    "We've got an idea actually. You can make some money for us."
    "Well, how? Can't I just give some money and forget about it?"
    "Do I look like I need money? It's you making us earn money that makes it fun."
    "What should I do? Sell your home-made cookies?"
    They clearly didn't think that was funny.
    "Make a porn movie."
    I was shocked by this answer.
    "Uh, well, no I won't do that."
    "You will, or should we really make your life horrible? We don't want to do that, do we Peter?", Colt said.
    "No of course not. We can be friends, it's just this thing you should do. Maybe we won't even sell it, it's just that you have to do this to make it right with us.", Peter told me.
    "Really, I won't do this, think about something else."
    "Ok, fine, we will do something else.", Colt said.

    He stood up, walked towards me, grabbed my hair and punched me in the face. One time, another time, three times on my nose. I tried to stop him but couldn't possibly, he was much stronger and muscular than me.
    I thought he would stop hitting me now, but he didn't. He kicked me in my stomach and thumped me on my back with his elbow. He grabbed my hair again and pulled my head back. I felt something cold against my throat, it was a knife that Peter had in his hands.
    "So, you're really sure that you want this, instead of making a naughty movie?", Peter asked me.
    "Ok, ok. I'll do it, tell me, what's it like."
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    "Well, you don't know what a porn movie is like? You just fuck somebody, a chick maybe?", Colt replied. "You like Kimberly?"

    Kimberly, the communal bike. Everybody could ride on her.
    She was hot and she knew it. Her tits were big and round, her face was very pretty. Her long blonde hair made her look like the sun, and her ass was the most beautiful ass of the golfclub. Boy, she was hot!

    "Of course I do, I have seen her!"
    "Okay, she can be here any minute. She wants to do it." Finally they released me.
    I gasped for breath by the thought that I would have sex with her.
    "But first, show us Alan-boy. What you got?", Colt said.
    "You mean, what? I..?"
    "Yeah, show us your dick, or should we help? We can help, you know that!"

    Still shaking of what they did to me, I unzipped and dropped my pants. I took my boxer down also.
    Luckily I had a big one. My dick was erect exactly 10 inch and soft about 7 inch. I was not circumcised but my foreskin was not long enough to cover the top.
    I thought they would be amazed by my size, but they just laughed!
    "Hahaha, that loser already has got a hard one! Is it because we touched you? We know we're hot! Haha.", Colt laughed.
    "It-it's not hard yet. It's still soft."
    The laughing stopped and they both fixated on my manhood.
    "Ca-can you make it hard?", Colt asked me.

    I stoked my penis and started to jerk. This situation didn't actually make me horny but I got an erection anyway.
    When it was fully hard, there mouths were wide open.
    "What the fuck, o damn. How long is it?", Peter asked.
    "Let me feel it, I want to feel it."
    As I didn't want to struggle again I let them feel it. They both grabbed it firm without saying a word.

    The doorbell, Kimberly came in.
    "Oh my... What is that! That's the biggest I have ever seen!"
    "Well, let's just do this quickly okay?", Colt said.
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    I was glad that the doorbell prevented Peter and Colt from further touching.

    I saw Kim looking at my erect cock but pulled up my trousers anyway. The outline of my penis was still very visible.

    "Oh, damn. How big is that one Alan?", she asked, of course she did.
    "You can chat later on, but we're here to make something.", Colt interrupted her. "Peter and I have made some kind of a plan of how the movie will be, tell it Peter."

    "Ok. We want you, Alan, to take a shower with your clothes on. Then, Kim, you come in, clothes on, and take a shower with him. Then you take off each other clothes slowly and start to have sex, you both can invent what and when you do what. It's up to you, but at the end the both of you have to be naked. Oh, and your clothes are white, so you can see through them when wet."

    "That's clear enough? The shower is here, follow.", Colt said.

    Kim nodded and said she was okay with it. She liked it, I could see it on her face.
    I didn't actually mind it anymore. I actually started to like making a porn vid...
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    I putted on the white clothes Peter handed me out and took place in the shower cabin. Peter was handling the camera that was positioned right in front of the cabin door. The door had to stay open to make sure there would be no steamy door between the camera and the action.
    Colt said he would be the director but he wouldn't give us advise or stop the recording. Kim and I could do whatever we wanted in that shower. They would just film it.

    As Peter gave me the sign the camera was on, I turned on the shower. I felt the warm water all over my body. My clothes became transparent in just seconds. I looked at my chest and noticed that my nipples and pecs were visible. The double layer of my boxerbriefs and sportsshort made it unable to locate my penis yet.

    Colt swinged with a bottle of shampoo to indicate that I should use some.
    I took some shampoo and divided it all over my body. I closed my eyes like I saw women doing in movies. I must have looked hot.

    Then, Kimberly entered the shower cabin. She started to wet her body. Her white shirt was see-through in a moment. I noticed her absolutely gorgeous tits, she wasn't wearing a bra.
    After she divided some shampoo over her body, she started to touch me.

    First on my face, then on my chest. I stroked her waist and squeezed her breasts. She was clearly enjoying it.
    Then, she shove her hand underneath my shirts and fondled my pecs and back.
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    Few moments later, my shirt was off. And so was hers. We were kissing and touching each other. I was fondling her nipples and she was licking mine.
    I felt my dick getting harder and harder, a bulge became visible.
    Kimberly started to stroke and squeeze my bulge with her right hand. Her left hand was on my ass underneath my boxerbriefs. She stroke with her hand my entire ass.
    I licked and sucked on her nice nipples which made her moan. My hand were going down and I started to stroke her pussy. I felt that she didn't have any hair on it, perfectly shaven. I entered her body with my middle and forefinger. First I fingered her slowly but I increased the speed and depth.
    All of a sudden Kim went down on her knees and bit my bulge. She licked my semi-erect penis, but it was still covered by my boxerbriefs and the short. Not for long, because Kimberly shove the shorts down and massaged my cock. My white and wet boxerbrief was now totally see-through. Kimberly gasped at the sight of my dick and shove down my boxerbrief too.
    I expected her to suck me immediatly but she didn't. Instead of blowing me, she licked both my legs halfway my knees. Slowly, she moved upward with he tongue, till she reached my balls.
    Still stroking my nice ass, she licked my balls. She took my balls in her mouth and sucked them softly. In was in seventh heaven.
    With her left hand, Kim gripped my hard cock and blew me. She couldn't take it entirely in her mouth but I can tell you that she wasn't unexperienced.
    After a couple of minutes of blowing, I ejaculated heavily. Six, maybe seven or eight jets of cum squirted over her face and the wall of the shower. Usually I never moan when I come but this time, I couldn't help doing it.
    Kimberly looked at me from beneath and smiled. Of course I smiled back at her, this was the best orgasm ever for me.
    I gripped her by her shoulders and lifted her up. I wanted to kiss and lick her but my erect dick prevented me from doing that. There had to be a space of 10 inch between us. But I could enjoy her tits again, and again I sucked and licked them entirely.
    Now it was my turn to go on my knees. I went down and just like Kim teased me, I teased her. I licked her legs and belly, but not her pussy. Slowly, I advanced her pussy with my tongue and entered her body. Her pussy felt soft and was nicely colored. I found her clit very soon, I never have a problem with that, and took it between my lips. I decided to continue doing this, I would give her no breaktime.
    Her moaning became louder till it had become screaming. She begged me to stop, but I knew she wanted to continue. So I went on sucking her clit.

    I looked aside and saw Colt and Peter standing behind the camera. I noticed they both had very visible bulges, they both were rubbing them.

    I felt the body of Kim shocking, she screamed that she was cumming. After she came, I stopped sucking her clit and went up. She begged me to fuck her and licked my neck. Then, she grabbed my ass and pushed me against her. She pushed my dick against her pussy with her other hand. I flexed the muscles needed and pushed my dick further in her pussy. I started to penetrate her faster and faster. My cock couldn't get in entirely but I didn't mind. My balls slapped against my body, the sound made me horny.

    When I ejaculated for the second time I stepped back and fingered her a little moment but she didn't get a second orgasm.

    Then I looked at Colt and Peter who were still rubbing their bulges. I was curious how big they were, but didn't dare to ask. I only hoped that this activity had changed the relations a little bit.

    I smiled at them and at the camera, the deed was done.
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    Kimberly stepped out of the shower cabin and started to towel off. Nothing was said.
    I noticed that I was actually very comfortable now. The camera, Colt, Peter, they didn't bother me anymore.

    I continued showering a little bit, showed no intention of getting my clothes back on.

    I really had the view that Kimberly had liked it, I was pretty good. And sure, Colt and Peter liked it.
    Peter pressed some buttons on the camera so the tape started to rewind.
    Colt left the bathroom and went through the door to his bedroom. Kimberly was dry now, folded the towel over her body and also went into the bedroom.

    'It was good, really good man.', Peter started a conversation.
    'Yeah, thanks. It felt ok.'
    'Did you mind us looking? I mean, we have seen you now and stuff, you know?'
    'At first I did, but now I don't anymore. Actually just like showering after a match, with the team you know?'
    'Yeah right, you were good man, really good.'

    While he gave me this last compliment he walked towards the toilet, unzipped and started to piss. I was still interested in his measurments, they had seen me, but his back was turned in my direction. I stepped out of the cabin and wiped myself dry. My dick was still semi-erect, in the mirror I noticed it looked huge. 'Damn, I'm lucky', I thought by myself.

    'I think I wouldn't have the balls to do this.', Peter said during his pissing.
    'Oh, I thought myself I wouldn't, but I did it.'
    'Yeah, ok. But we putted a knife on your throat.'
    'Man, sorry about that, with the knife. It's just. I had to do it, you know. It's Colt, just. I'll talk about that later with you.'

    When he said this, he leaned back and to his side. I tried to peep at his penis but saw only a little bit. When I looked at him again, I saw that he had noticed me peeking.

    When he finished pissing, he turned around before pulling up his jeans.
    I saw a rather thin but above-avarage-sized dick. His balls were the biggest I had ever seen. His pubes were carefully maintained.

    'Sure, you got the balls man! Damn they are big!', I told him. I'm not shy when I'm naked.
    'Haha, yeah I know. The dick isn't the biggest but I know the balls are.', he responded, looking at his manhood.

    Peter took his penis in his hand and started to jerk himself. His cock grew bigger but only a little wider, I felt my dick growing too.
    He walked towards me, slowly and looked me in the eyes. I didn't know what he was intend to do. Then Peter grabbed my dick aggressively. I heared him breathing heavily. He putted my cock in his mouth and sucked on it. He couldn't suck at all.
    'Peter, Peter, what are you doing? Stop it! Peter!'
    He stopped immediatly, looked at the unclosed bathroomdoor and pulled his pants up rapidly.
    'I, I'm sorry. I just, it's you, your body. Man, you are so hot, with your pecs, and your sixpack, not to mention your cock and balls. But you're right, let's just forget this for a while.'
    'Yeah man, it's just. I didn't know what happened, I have never done this before, with a boy!', I lied.

    I folded the towel around my waist and followed Peter into the next room.
    There, another surprise.

    When I looked at the huge bed, I first noticed the slightly-haired legs of Colt. His pants were on his knees, his shoes still on. The head of Kimberly, between his legs, made regular motions, up and down. Colt's head was between her beautiful legs, the sound of swallowing was made.

    I looked at Peter, he looked at me.
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