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    Fyh pbfbmk dgvkr, gir fek dgnf rtnnvkr. T xvyakr gir pvyakmkr chnkvp ti fyh xvyatix, pvyakmtix dmknkif. Pmyc ikgm gir pgm, xmkgf fetnxs gir ncgvv fetnxs kckmxkr udtxef ntvlkm atfe cgmlkvybn xknfbmkn, syhn, gir kimtweckifn, gir ti fek ctrnf yp fetn ukgbipbv dvgwr T rmkgcrd yp iyfetix ubt fetn dvgwr tfnkvp. Gvv yfekr pgifgntkn ngiz gir lgitnekr ti ckgitxvknn. T egr fek aeyvk mtwe kgmfe tcckrtgfkvh urpymk ck, gir T nftvv vyyzkr yivh gf oehf ogn cynf ncgll gir cynf ebuvk. – Myukmf Agvnkm

    that, right up there ^ is a quote from one of my favorite authors, all muddled mcfuddled by cipher.

    if ya wanna play along ya need only decipher the cipher and post ya own messages. feel free to switch up the cipher just to make things a bit more complicated :tongue:

    yeth, might be the lamest thread ever, and zero participation is understandable.. but i love this flavor o' nonsense.

    do you have any idea what a cipher does to spellcheck? poor thing needs a silkwood-shower after the violation it suffered. :eek:
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