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    I will be LIVE on my camera WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 10th @ 6PM EST for an hour of chatting and nudity and using my HITACHI MASSAGER! Look for LeiaSwift in the free show schedule!

    Title: Hitachi - my powerful new sex toy
    Description: FREE show, I just got a hitachi massager and two attachments - holy shit this toy is INTENSE !! Watch me cum over and over using my hot new toy, who knows maybe I will squirt!
    Tags Cum masturbation Wet redhead squirt masturbate orgasm Squirting juicy Bisexual bi orgasms Squirter multiple multi hitachi massager attachments

    ok well.. it should be a lot of fun! I hope to have a lot of horny fun with you guys and girls then!

    xox Leia Swift

    oh yeah also I run free 24 / 7 voyeur cams you might like
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