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    In truth, there's absolutely nothing in this world I love more than giving oral. Yes, I guess you could describe it as a fixation, or obsession. Once I get started, I just can't stop until you've cum, and then can't wait to start again. A lot of guys will go around saying that they're 'the best' at giving oral. Well, I think that they're fools. Every woman is different - the tongue flick/finger combo that had partner #1 screaming your name in ecstasy may bring a yawn from partner #2. I love trying to find out what brings YOU to heights of pleasure. A woman's orgasm is a beautiful thing to behold, and that exploration is so much a part of what I crave.

    I would love to find a local partner who will help me indulge in my favorite pastime. And let me say that this is all about my desire to give pleasure. I certainly wouldn't say no to reciprocation, but I'm deeply satisfied just by giving. Pics in my gallery, and if you like what you see and hear so far I can send you a face pic.

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