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    hey folx, (sorry this topic aint about big dicks but about bicurous cum fetishes - i could only find this forum to post this so sorry)

    i just wanted to share a kinky thing i did recently and would love to hear of any guys, who have done the same thing. or fantasised about it.

    Firstly just a brief background bout me. ive always been hetero, but with a bi-curious side that i started realising over the last 3-4years. like alot of bi-curios types, i realised one day when watching oral/cum related porn, that i was enjoying seeing a guys cock ejaculate as much as the woman in the scene.

    when having a solo jerk off session my main fantasy was wondering what another guys semen tastes like, and thoughts about what id would be like giving a handjob and blowjob to someone.

    this bicurious cum fetish has always been hidden, and this year , after so long just fantasising, i found my self in situation where i could experience swallowing another guys cum whilst remaining hidden and without meeting face to face with a cock.

    Here goes my story of my secret kinky pleasure..
    After newyears, for about 3 months i shared my place with a mate and his gf.
    Id known them for a while and they didnt know anything bout my bi side. my mate also didnt know that i had a slight bi-sexual crush on him.

    my room was next to theirs and sometimes i could hear them going at it and before i knew it i was lying in the dark jerking off to my mate and his gf having sex. at first i felt guilty but i couldnt help it most times;-).

    id never got into group jerk offs with mates when growing up so this was the 1st time id orgasmed within such close proximity to a friend.

    as time passed i started fantasising that maybe i could find a used condom in my mates room and if it wasnt too old, i could get to drink his cum without anyone knowing!;-)

    so after waiting , the perfect chance came where one afternoon, i saw my mate and his gf go off into their room after kissing on the couch and they shut the door so i had a feelin they were gonna do it. it was early too and i knew they were going out to dinner in an hour or so.

    so i hung around and after a while they both came out, one of them showered and then they told me they were heading out.

    at this point my heart was beating a little faster as i was about to find out whether they'd been usng condoms at all. as soon as they drove off, i went into their bedroom and looked for their bin. i moved to one side of the bed and saw a little bedside waste basket and smiled. i knew it was so dirty and kinky but this was too alluring. i looked in the bin and moved the loose tissues and wrappers from the top , then in the middle of the pile there was a large wadded up chunk of tissue with one end of a condom sticking out!

    i grabbed it quickly, and realised it ws still lke warm. i went back to my room, stripped , put my fave blowjob porn and started wanking whilst holding my mates fresh cum swooshing around inside a condom in my hand! i was almost about to throw it in the bin and back out, but i kept wanking and when i got close to cumming, i untied the condom and placed the open end between my lips. when the girl started swallowing on the porn i was watching, i poured my mates cum into my mouth at the same time and finally id done it!..

    the smell of another guys cum for the first time was intense for me but incredibly arousing!. i knew i couldnt keep doing that so i know that im a bit closer to arranging a first time gaysex experience .

    id luv to hear of anyone with similar fantasies or experiences;-)

    thanx for readin;-)
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    once after peeing in a stand up urinal and going into a stall i saw a cute guy come in and pee in that urinal

    after he left i went to the urinal and he dropped a pubic hair and i picked it up and smelled it
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