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    Several years ago I learned of "They Fit" condoms here at LPSG. I also participated in a University of Indiana Study of these condoms. Very effective and comfortable to use/enjoy.

    I was a happy customer of an organization known as "Condomania."

    I used condoms for birth control As such, I no longer need to wear a condom because of age considerations of My Bride.

    When the "They Fit" were taken off of the market for some reason I never knew of I had a good supply and used them up. I was a G21 size.

    Recently I learned that the "Coripa Custom Fit Condom" is now available from Condomania.

    Condomania - We Make Shopping For Condoms Fun & Easy

    They have a new size scheme for the "Coripa" Brand. Just for the fun of it I downloaded a measuring kit and ascertained that I am now an F29 with the Coripa Size Scheme.

    I suspect that I will order a few just to relive and experience sexual intercourse with a condom and also recall how it felt when it was necessary to wear one.

    I would urge my fellow members here to check out the "Condomania" site and acquire a test batch of "Coripa" condoms. If they are anything like the former "They Fit" I can testify that they are worthwhile.
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    Thank you for posting this. I've been frustrated with ill-fitting condoms for years. No matter what brand/size I've tried, they've never been comfortable. Just printed out the fitting kit. Will post my size when I know. Thanks again!
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