Cyber-Security Threat Hyped?

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    Threat of 'cyberwar' has been hugely hyped
    by Bruce Schneier

    Personally, I think this is textbook fear-mongering. I think the government is hyping this cyber-security threat to justify using the military and the intelligence-agencies in a domestic capacity beyond what would be considered Constitutionally acceptable.

    NSA's "Perfect Citizen" program seems to be an example of this

    "NSA Setting Up "Perfect Citizen" Spy System"
    'This is Big Brother', says corporate insider'

    According to this article, the NSA is developing a system called "Perfect Citizen" which is allegedly aimed at monitoring and protecting important national infrastructure such as power grids and transport systems. However many suspect it could be used for carrying out massive automated surveillance and data-mining on American companies and citizens, with an internal e-mail from Raytheon, which is working on this referring to Perfect Citizen as being "Big Brother".

    For some time, I have been made aware of a system, developed by ARDA/IARPA for the NSA called AQUAINT which is a sort of acronym for Advanced QUestion Answering for INTelligence.

    - NOVA | The Spy Factory | The New Thought Police | PBS
    - Informedia ARDA AQUAINT
    - ARDA Aquaint Project for Stanford Knowledge Systems Laboratory

    It's basically a datamining program which uses artificial intelligence to be able to sift through huge quantities of data, be able to organize it for example into dossiers on everybody, then be able to infer information from the gathered data of such a detail that insights can be gained into a person's personality, potentially even gain insights into one's thought processes with sufficient information gathered. It's designed so that it could answer complex questions even in essay form.

    Personally, I think that "Perfect Citizen" is an application of AQUAINT. It isn't clear when this system will go online, but suffice it to say, it will probably be soon. When you look at this article

    - The Real U.S. Government - Glenn Greenwald -

    You will see that the NSA hasn't stopped collecting massive amounts of information on American citizens, and has confirmed a suspicion of mine for a long time, that they were storing this data. All that data could be easily organized by such a data-mining system.

    It would effectively allow the government to know everything about everybody in absolute detail, something that strikes me as very dangerous, and could pave the way for a "Minority Report" Society, in which people are arrested for crimes they may, at some point in the future, commit.

    I'd like to hear what your opinions are regarding this

    Tony Kaiser
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