Daria and MTV in the late 90s

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    Recently I was going through some boxes and found some old VHS recordings I have. I transferred them to my PC and burned them. It Daria from it's first airing in 1997, complete with commercials.

    Granted I am not that old, I had forgotten all of the insane pop-culture from the late 90s, a huge part of my childhood.

    Anyway, I've been watching the DVDs and I gotta say I miss it.

    One thing I enjoyed about Daria is that it's really easy to follow the popular music from the time as they constantly use tiny snippets of the top MTV songs like Blur, Sum41 and that kind'a stuff.

    Daria is just a cartoon about high school but that's probably why is was so fucking popular, you know MTV and all.

    I mean come on, MTV was awesome about a decade ago.
    It seems that MTVs quality start deteriorating around the end of the Daria series(from what I see in the commercials)

    I haven't watched MTV in 3 or 4 years though, I just can't stand the shit they've been coming up with.
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    Well said, I bought the DVDs of Daria, which helped me get through my last few years of high school and some of the jokes that I didn't get when I was younger makes me smile now to know how sneaky and clever the humour was.
    I don't think a current kid’s show could ever be as fantastic as Daria, mostly because of the stricter regulations and loads of other things.
    It’s sad to think that the show could have made for seasons but I am proud of what the creators they achieved.
    I raise my glass to such a great show!
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