Darkroom Ass or on the job training

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    It seems like only yesterday but in reality it’s been nineteen years ago on the island of Oahu. I was the manger and graphic artist at a local printing company she was my front counter girl. She was a beautiful girl with dark brown eyes of Italian and Latina mix with beautiful dark hair and a killer butt. When I hired her we already knew each other although I was thirty one and she was twenty three I had know here for some time as her older sister had worked for me too only five years earlier. She had a son who was going to be one and her jerk of a boyfriend had already taken off. Like a lot of local boys there idea of responsibility was to there bro’s, surfing, smoking pakalolo, skank pussy and partying and probably not in this order with the exception of surf being number one! She was five feet two inches tall with those come hither dark brown eyes that kind of give you a hard on anyway and me being 6’1” I was always having to look down into those damn eyes. She had some issues especially since she was young and the meathead had left her plus she didn’t feel like she was attractive somehow since she had a child.

    Over the course of training her and working close with her everyday a friendship of sorts began to build between us both. It soon became a one filled with sexual tense and innuendoes as she obviously loved to tease me. I was single living in Waikiki and she lived on the Windward side of the island. Occasionally I would drive her home rather than her catching the bus. Initially I thought of these rides as nothing more than a bid brother or boss giving her a ride home but soon I felt a little more.

    Part of her job was to put mail away as one half of the front lobby was P.O. Boxes that I rented out. Sometimes she would get there early in the morning to put mail away from the day before that she hadn’t had time to when it came in. I got to work around 7:00AM and we didn’t open until 9:00AM so some mornings it was just us.

    On one particular morning she wore this magenta red short sundress and sandals, she looked great in it but still professional enough for work. There was a counter outside my office where she stood and sorted the mail while I went over the dailies from the day before as well scheduled work for the pressroom, bindery etc. I couldn’t help but watch her bend to pick up mail from the postal binds and occasionally I got more than an eye full of her white lacey thong too and those round cheeks of her beautiful ass. As she went to bend down to get more mail she turned and obviously noticed I was looking as she teasingly pulled her skirt up a little showing more of a view and then almost as suddenly pulled it down and stood up saying; “hey what you looking at?”

    I quickly answered her without even thinking of the consequences; “a nice ASS.” That single moment seemed to hang there for ever neither of us moving or saying anything but looking at each other you could feel the tension, we were both obviously horny. She continued to put away the mail and I return to scheduling today’s work.

    At 8:00AM my pressmen and bindery guy always started their day so today was like any other day and they knew nothing about what had happened earlier. Lucretia went up front to get the front lobby ready for the day and I went on with scheduling today’s jobs. I had plenty of typesetting to do as well as some dark room stuff to do (yes this is before desk top publishing it is hard to believe it was only twenty years ago). I was supposed to start training Lucretia in the dark room today too. After this morning I wasn’t so sure if I should even bring it up but after the part time girl came in she came back to my drawing table and reminded me that we were to do so. “Are you sure,” I asked her? When she said yes I said ok we will start with some very simple velox’s that I need to make. Going through the job folders and getting the artwork or photos I needed to shoot and noting the sizes or crop etc we then went to the darkroom. Closing the door behind us everyone knew we would be in there for awhile and not to come in since they could expose film or ruin jobs and I would have to start all over.

    Lucretia was short so I had to use a wooden step for her so she could stand up high enough to look over the camera back (this was a large format horizontal camera). We went over all the controls and the camera its self before getting started and then we grabbed the first job ticket and went over the specs and started the work. I showed her how to place the original on the copy board and then to adjust the controls for the correct size and then showed how to line it up on the top so that you could place film there in the dark under the red light. Unintentionally without thinking about it I got behind her and look down over her as I helped her do this. Both my arms were on either side as I tried to help her. Once she placed the film and turned on the vacuum and closed the lid and took the shot we were ready to start the next one. While doing the next one she stopped and turn to look up into my face and said; “do you really think I have a nice ass?” Of course I do I told her and she looked at me with a sly smile on her face and turned back to what we were doing. We finished this one and grabbed another job ticket and she asked; “do things glow in here like in a black light?” Before I could answer she pulled up her skirt sort of innocently enough and peeked under to look at her white lace thong and seemed amazed that it was now red from the dark room light. She turned with her skirt up high over her hips and looked over her shoulder and said again; “do you really think I have a nice ass?” Damn she was torturing me and she had to know it as she caressed it and asked it again and then added; “what would you do with it if you could?”

    “I would love to rub it;” I said. “Then why don’t you;” she said as she began pulling her skirt up over head and leaving it atop the camera. To my amazement she had no bra on but this probably wasn’t all that uncommon for the times or for an island girl. Her breasts were small but beautiful under the red light and although I could make out the faint hint of stretch marks her belly was soft and beautiful too. I should have stopped all of this but then she turned around with that beautiful ass up there standing on that wooded step with her hand touching and caressing it and said; “show me what you would do to it.”

    Nervously I got closer and as I did she grabbed one hand and placed it on her ass and said; “show me.” I must have died and went to heaven or today was going to be my last day at work but either way I did what anyone would do I grabbed that sweet ass and began to rub it and caress it. She turned around and began to take my mouth into hers and soon she had my cock free and was beginning to give me head. After sufficiently getting my cock rock hard she turned with her panties still on and parting them to one side with one hand and with the other grabbing my cock and sliding it behind and inside her. The step was handy for more than one purpose after all.

    She stood there that perfect butt cocked up in the air helped by the height of the step and my own proximity to her pussy, her arms clinging to the side of the camera as my thrust began to quicken their pace. Soon she was arching her little back and tensing up as she obviously cum and then I followed suit but before I could pull it from her she whispered; “cum inside me, please.” After I shoot what felt like bucket loads of hot cum up inside her my cock sort of just fell out of her slapping against my thighs and as it did the part timer knocked on the door saying there was a customer at the front counter with a question. I quickly answered that I would be out in a few minutes if they could wait and Lucretia and I hurried to get dressed. We didn’t really say anything to each other and as soon as I was dressed I went outside and up to the front counter to the customer that was waiting.

    I worked the rest of the day without really saying anything to her except about work. Ironically we didn’t really say anything about this for a couple of days but this coming Saturday was her day to work and one pressmen she came in early that day and made a point of telling me that she had no panties on...

    Mahalo Lucretia, I cant help wondering what that little ass looks like today some nineteen years later???
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    I'm not sure if I would have included her name.

    But regardless, fantastic story!
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