Day 3 of my long weekend sauna adventure... (part 1)

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    sorry to all about the delay. i had to work out of the country at the last second and just now getting back to the USA.

    so on day 3 i decided to skip the workout because its my off day but i wanted to see how things turned out so just a sauna/shower for me that day

    i got there as it opened as i was flying out at 9 AM and had to head to the airport afterward. this gave me a different group of guys in the gym but he said he would be in early that day because i told him about my plans.

    i was the first person there when the female bodybuilder lets me in and we chat a little. she tells me she is running late and she has to fill the shower soap dispensers before i go to the lockers. i joked with her and said "i won't peek if you don't" and she joked back "well, i can't promise that" and she heads off to the store room

    so i thought "what the hell?"

    btw, i hate the security at the airport so i have been wearing mesh-like briefs on flying days. if you gonna stick your hands in my pants i want you to remember my name LOL.

    so i went into the locker room really quick and grabbed a locker and stripped down to my briefs and got a "fluffed up" hanging to the right if you know what i mean...

    i heard her come around the switchback corner and head into the showers making noise while filling the dispensers. now, i could have gotten naked but i didnt want to get kicked out so i just grabbed my shaving kit and stood in front of the sink which she would have to pass by to exit the locker room

    after a minute or two, she turns around the corner as i am laying out my stuff on the sink and stops...

    i turn and look at her and she looks at me

    she looks some more and i turn to face her as if to say "well?"

    and then she does what i always love to see - she just tilts her head and stares for about 10-15 seconds at my package and nods approvingly

    "very nice" she adds "even bigger than what <jim> said" referring to her co-worker. "when you are back in town again, let me know and we'll go out"

    then she blew my mind...

    she walked by and slapped my ass and said "i promise i won't break you... bruise you maybe but you'll live"

    let's just say as i stood there shaving it took everything i had not to be rock hard as the other guys came in

    (part 2 very soon)
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    What happened with the guy who had the stub for a penis?
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    He disappeared in to the fiction section.
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