day dreaming at the gym

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    Oct 2, 2005
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    At the gym today taking a class and my mind wondered onto the three fit guys also taking part.
    I spent a good 10 minutes during the repetitive parts thinking in a threesome who would be the bottom, who would be the top and who would give good oral.
    These three guys are hot.
    The instructed is really cut but not huge with some awesome tattoos call him Dino. The second guy has an eastern European look with good muscles. He sure can do deep squats, call him Alex. That's what makes me think he would be good bottom.
    The third guy has a really cute face you really want to shove your dick in. He can be Al'

    I could imagine the scene where Dino comes into the gym to find Alex doing some deep squats over Al's face.
    Soon Alex is bent over with Dino up his ass and Al trying to get all thre hanging tackle in his mouth.

    This kept me going for the duration of the class with a skip in my step.

    After that iget to have peek in the changing room and shower and two out of the three do not disappoint.

    So where do you fantasies?
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