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    is upon us people. Well it's officially tomorrow Nov. 2nd and so let's share whatever freaky stories we may have. And by freaky, i don't mean sexual stories. I mean like supernatural stories. Things that you can't easily explain.

    Ok i'll start. I have two stories.

    I call this one Lost Highway indeed. Once driving to work, i encountered a large white dog. I was driving behind a car and the highway had no traffic. Suddenly up ahead i saw a large white dog and it got up and ran across to the trees. Now I know i wasn't the only one who saw it because the car in front of me tried to move out of its way. The weird thing is that the dog was like really all white and it moved pretty fast. I then passed the car that was in front of me and i noticed that the driver had this confused look on his face.

    Second story happened in LA 2 years ago. I went to visit my friend for a weekend. I slept in one of the rooms in his house. The first night i felt this intense heavy energy on me. I couldn't move no matter how hard I tried. It was like a big rock put on top of you. The second night I heard some weird noises coming from the closet like someone was dropping something. The third night was the weirdest of them all! I had the window open and the fountain in the backyard was on. I couldn't sleep because of it and i needed to because i had an early flight to catch to come back home. So I suddenly heard this gulping like right next to me! It was weird because it was like next to me but it wasn't u know. I thought maybe my friend went to get something to drink in the bathroom since it's right next door. So i opened the door and saw that noone was in there. then i thought maybe he went to the kitchen but the kitchen is further down the hall. So it made no sense. So i go back to bed and again the gulping! Like the damn thing was making fun of the fact that i couldn't sleep because of the fountain. So i got up and turned the lights on and stayed awake until it was time for me to go home. I sort of already mentioned all this to my friend during my weekend stay but I didn't tell him anything about what happened on the third night until a couple of weeks later when we spoke on the phone. I don't know if he believed me. Anyways months later, he calls me all freaked out and tells me that he was in that same room where i slept and his dogs were barking like crazy at the corner of the room like if someone was actually there!
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