Deep Thorat Returns the Theatres

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    Tuesday, February 8, 2005 Posted: 8:42 AM EST (1342 GMT)

    LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters) -- "Deep Throat," the infamous 1972 adult film that led to a government crackdown on pornography, is being re-released in theaters as a new generation of lawmakers wages a renewed assault on smut, trade paper Daily Variety reported in its Tuesday edition.

    The release of the Linda Lovelace opus, which was banned at the time in 23 states, coincides with the premiere of the documentary "Inside Deep Throat," which hits theaters in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Boston on Friday.

    The original film, which was made in six days for $25,000 and has allegedly grossed more than $600 million, will not be ready until at least February 18, the paper said. Las Vegas-based Arrow Prods., which owns the rights to the mob-funded "Deep Throat," started striking 10 prints on Monday, it added.

    Five of the prints will be edited to garner an "R" rating, which allows admission to children aged under 17 if accompanied by an adult.

    The documentary, co-produced by Brian Grazer, the Oscar-winning filmmaker of "A Beautiful Mind," is rated NC-17, which denies admission to anyone aged 17 and under.

    It shows how "Deep Throat" popularized a form of sexual pleasure previously considered taboo. But the Nixon administration was not amused, sending in the FBI to close down screenings, and taking legal action against the film's director, Jerry Damiano, and stars.

    Meanwhile, a bill that would increase fines for smutty broadcasts to $500,000 per incident from $32,500 is wending its way through Congress with bipartisan support, inspired in part by Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction" at the Super Bowl last year.
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    Yeah, but I'm just wondering how many guys really thought the clitoris was the uvula after that movie came out.
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    Ah, Deep Throat!

    Nowadays, it is hard to understand what a ground breaker that was, when I first saw it, on film, in the Student Union Ballroom (delicious irony there) at UMass Amherst...what was it..1973? Well, I would have been a freshman so it was the spring of '74 at the latest.

    This was the first porn flick of which I am aware that actually had a storyline to it, albeit an absurd one. There were characters with character...and Harry Reems (Mr. Herb Striker, who worked in New York commercials when I was there, but our paths never crossed - I think after his identity was revealed and he was arrested in, I think, Tennessee, he went back to working in construction)...but...

    It was an exciting time and that film herealded the era of "porno chic," now lost in a panoply of videotape and DVD choices. Then, there was something cutting edge and exciting about, it is so common, mass produced, almost like it has gone plastic and throwaway - like so many other things. Home video is largely responsible....decriminalization, too, but who knows what the future holds.... advancing technology and re-criminalization of it. Hard to believe that yes, you could get arrested for appearing in such a movie...hard to believe that I could have been arrested for that.

    Yet, what amazed everyone were Ms. Lovelace's oral talents. They were considered virtuosic it seems a first time actress has to exceed that by an order of magnitude in her try-out.
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