Democrats, Independents, and Republicans

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    A few posts in other threads addressed the question of party affiliation. I saw this in the NYT.

    For those to lazy to click - Democrats 38%, Independents 29%, and Republicans 28%.

    Thus, if you compare this to Obama's current job approval of +/- 65%, this suggests that a high percentage of Democrats and Independents, and a small percentage of moderate Republicans support his decisions so far. (No group is monolithic, and some liberal Dems are upset about some of the Iraq, judicial, and other policies.)

    On a side note, I am personally skeptical about real 'independents'. I think a lot of people like to claim some sort of reasoning or fact-based intellectual independence. In actuality, these people vote for one party or another almost exclusively. I would estimate that true independents are maybe 5% - 7%, but that is just a guess.
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