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    jackson36: Does anyone know of any designer/fashion brands in the UK who's trousers or jeans are generously fitted around the crotch? I am a 34" waist and I must try on at least 6 pairs of jeans/trousers a week. The waist and length of leg is fine but when i come to pulling them over my crotch they are far too snug and reveal everything I have to offer below the belt - and I am no exhibitionist. At the moment i am resigned to wearing baggier fitting jeans but I am longing for something more fashionable, please help!
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    It isn't easy.  The best fitting trousers I find as a rule are those which have been made or at least altered to fit me; but that only happens (for me) with suits.  

    If you don't like baggy trousers or jeans, you are either going to be very uncomfortable (ie compressed into too small a space), or very blatant, or possibly a combination of both.  

    Just a few other points:

    1.  Some material will stretch over time to accommodate you better; and the longer I have been 'breaking in' a pair of trousers the more comfortable they tend to be.  

    2.  In my case, since I wear myself pointing up (supported in a specially made jock); it tends to be a question of adding a whole waist size when I buy the trousers (ie 2 inches).  On the odd occasion I have let things hang down, and then I look and feel a lot slimmer in the stomach area, but the other problems I get make it a very bad idea.  

    3.  If you did find trousers generously cut in the crotch, but tailored sharply everywhere else, it may be not such a great idea.  I once had a couple of pairs which were in the current fashion very tight in the leg and thigh and backside, but which gave me all the room I needed at the crotch.  Result: an enormously obvious bulge and a lot of unwelcome attention.
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