Diamond Head and the Bush Bunnies Part II

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    I pose for her three times before I got a call from one of her friends who needed a model too. This would be the first time I posed for a guy with the exception of the Bush Bunnies.

    When I got to his home in Manoa he showed me around and as we walked through his home he had several paintings on the wall that he said were his. They were all nude when I shot them and then I add the designs or clothes afterwards. I thought his work was interesting similar to what you might see in Heavy Metal magazine or some other similar graphic novel.

    Anyway he was a bit different in his request as he wanted me to let him use props. This first photos shot he had me wrap up my body in gauze and then slowly tear or remove it as he instructed. As I stripped he said he thought I was pretty well hung and asked if I were gay or not? I quickly (and I must admit nervously) said no. He asked if I was alright posing in front of men and I shared my stories of the Bush Bunnies. This seemed to turn him on.

    Standing there nude as he draped the soft gauze across my body it actually was a turn-on I mean my nipples first and then my cock started to get hard with the touch of this gauze.

    He asked me to pose looking like I was chained and was ripping off the gauze as if to break free. I did and as I did and held each pose as instructed my cock became very hard bobbing up and down and dripping pre-cum before long. He liked it he said and just kept posing me and shooting. Before too long I was obviously throbbing and couldn’t control my cock even though I wasn’t touching it. “Do you need to take care of that”, he asked me, “if you do I can stop while you relieve yourself”. I didn’t know what to say at first but to apologize and he said it was alright that it happens sometimes and he understood he said. He threw a towel to me and said I could use it and then we could continue. I didn’t really think about it and dropped the towel on the floor as I began to touch myself and my body much like what I do in the woods. He just stood there watching me, he didn’t say anything just watching me. This was like the Bush Bunnies as I found it kind of a turn-on as I played with myself and had a viewer. No one I was in the marines with would understand this I was sure and this didn’t make me gay right? Standing there rubbing the head of my cock and pulling up and down on my swollen shaft until I could feel the cum building inside me made me crazy. I kind of forgot he was there as I slowly fucked my hands until I shot hot cum all over. That’s when I noticed him sitting there rubbing his shorts and looking at my cock and its mess. He was getting excited and checking me out, he had to be gay but I was bigger than him and he wasn’t going to punk me out or anything. Even naked I was in charge wasn’t I?

    He helped me clean up the floor and as he did he said that was fantastic and you have a lot of cum huh? We went back to work and shot more photos. He showed me where I could get cleaned up and afterwards when I walked into the living room he asked if wanted some orange juice or water and I did take some. He paid me cash as she had already discussed this with him and he paid me $300. As he paid me he asked if he could use me again sometime and I said yes. Finishing my juice and leaving I went home and as I drove home I kept asking myself if I was somehow gay or if what I just did was wrong.

    The next morning when I woke up with my morning hard on(I also don’t sleep with anything on, besides it was Hawaii it was always warm) and began to play with it I couldn’t help thinking about how much of a turn-on it was to play with myself in front of an audience. It was better than the Bush Bunnies who weren’t really close enough for me to see their excitement I mean I knew what they were doing and my affect on them but looking at this artist as he sat there rubbing his bulge and checking out my cock as it shot was kind of exciting.

    Later that day I went to my spot just below the lookout at Diamond Head and layout to get some sun within an hour or so I had a couple of Bush Bunnies again and I decided to put on a show for them better than anything I had done before. They just stood there as I caressed and touched myself and grinding my hips as I shook my dick and fucked my hands. I took my time I wanted them to watch me and I wanted to drive them and me nuts. As I could feel that I was getting ready to shoot I just stood there as my cock began to bob up and down and I let it go as it shot all over the ground. Being hands free it just bobbed up and down as it spurted the white hot cum fuck this felt good I felt dirty, erotic, sensual, I was definitely turned on by this. I could tell my visitors liked the show and one was brave enough to walk close by on the trail and although he didn’t say anything as I stood there he did smile and walk through.

    I waited until my dick relaxed and cleaned up and dressed and made the trek down and off I went. Fuck this was crazy I mean I still was fucking when ever I got the chance and in Waikiki someone is flying in daily to get leid (and laid too) so there was always plenty of pussy but this was different this was sort of exciting.

    My modeling was continuing and I was getting more and more work from different artist. Although I didn’t always play with myself in front of them I almost always got a semi or rock hard cock. If they used things as props that also sometimes made it more of a turn-on. I used oil, milk, paint, peacock feathers, my first thong that one gave me it all seem to add to the sensation. If I didn’t cum for them I quickly went home and relieved myself or if was hooking up afterwards I had a GREAT fuck.

    What was happening to me? What was I becoming? I hadn’t changed my sexuality I still liked women and couldn’t see myself making love to a man. On the other hand I didn’t care who watched me get hard or get off for that matter. Was I sick or becoming some sort of pervert?

    ~ more to cum
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