Diamond Head and the Bush Bunnies Part III

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    As my all over tan got better and darker so did my exhibitionism increase. I was getting more modeling jobs I was even doing art classes now for UH and these although I didn’t get as hard were always a rush. A diverse crowd of both male and female and young and old, these sessions were more of a physical workout as they wanted athletic type poses which were usually held for periods of time. At the most five minutes where I would hold the pose and the teacher would instruct the students. These paid $100 an hour and I usually got paid for two hours. The students were very respectful and very shy too.

    My trips to the woods were increasing as too it seemed were my audiences. I noticed that during the summer there were always more than in the winter months. I was now going to the beach now too and although I couldn’t necessarily jack-off there was always someone in the brush checking me out especially when I stood up or went into the water.

    I also was becoming bolder about exposing my self too. Where I lived in Waikiki along the Ala Wai was in a five story walk-up. My front room window was directly across from a larger 12 floor condo and two floors were in such a position that they could see right into my apt. I loved walking around naked in the morning before or after I went for a run. One morning as I returned I remember stripping and grabbing a shower and walking into living room. It was early maybe 7:00AM and as I did I dropped my towel on the couch and walking around I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye. It was a woman in her condo checking me out, she was in a wrap but she was definitely watching me. I wanted to see how far I could take this and began to subtly touch myself as if I didn’t know I had an audience. I went to the bathroom and got some lotion to put on as I did so rubbing all over and paying special attention to my legs (yes all three of them) I also noticed now that there was a guy on the floor about her and he was checking me out to as he stood there with his hand in his shorts it was rather obvious. I stood there and put on quite a show playing with my self and as I looked up across the way she had her wrap off touching herself too and the guy was really going at it. I loved it the feeling that they were watching me made my cock that much harder and more sensitive to my touch. When I shot my hot wad all over my hands and abs I thought they would be turned off but both continued to watch as they too were getting off.

    NO I wasn’t gay now I knew what I was I had become a exhibitionist and I loved it.

    I not only liked being naked in front of others but I truly loved getting a hard-on or better yet playing with myself until I cum and sometimes I would cum and then get hard again and do it all over again. My Bush Bunnies were some of my biggest fans and I loved to push it for them sometimes walking closer to them with my hard cock swaying back n forth and they nervously looked on. I would love to get hard and stop playing with myself before I cum as it would bob up and down extending my show as long as I could and then finally exploding with hot cum shooting all over.

    I also started doing triathlons during this period and the feel of bike pants against my clean-shaven cock was also a turn-on and I sometimes would ride to the woods instead of driving. Walking my bike up into the woods and taking my backpack off and beginning to undress as I pulled the tight bike pants off sometime my cock would raise to attention almost immediately. Sometimes when I got home I had to soak them not due to sweat but to those nasty snail trails left from pre-cum. Speaking of pre-cum between the combination of sweat and hot oil and pre-cum my clean-shaven cock would glisten in the warm Hawaii sun.

    Still having an active sex life I noticed that my jack off sessions only helped to increase my endurance during sex and I obviously knew how to hold off from cumming as long as possible. It also made me very physical too. I loved using my whole body when fucking, my legs strong from swimming, running and biking and weight lifting I loved to stand up and fuck or lift her on the counter. Cock play though was something I loved, I mean I would play with myself for my lovers and tease them sliding my hard dick in between their breast or spanking their butts but I really loved oral sex.

    ~ even more to cum
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