Diamond Head and the Bush Bunnies

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    After getting out of the Marines at Kaneohe Marine Corps Air Station rather than return to the mainland I then stayed on Oahu. For awhile I didn’t do anything but go to the beach and party at night. One day while at the beach an older woman came over to where I was lying out and asked if I had ever modeled before. I just assumed she was a hot cougar picking up on a young piece of meet. So I humored her and really didn’t give her much thought but when she left she handed me a business card and said if I was ever interested to call her.

    Several weeks went by and out of curiosity I gave her a call. She asked if I would come to her home office to meet and discuss further the details and asked me to where some workout shorts and t-shirt only.

    She lived on Papu Circle near Diamond Head and up the street from the Old Doris Duke Manson and Jim Nabor’s home. When I got there she greeted me at the gate and walked me in through a nicely gardened yard filled with tropical flowers and orchids and by a pool to a back guest house or office as she used it.

    When I first got in she asked if she could get me something to drink and I agreed and she gave me a glass of wine. Sitting down on the sofa she returned with the wine and sat beside me. She opened a large portfolio on the coffee table and said that all the work was hers. They were all nude models mostly Polynesian and Asian with a few Caucasians in it. Most were of some sort of muscular build and they didn’t really seem like porn related sketches. ‘So what do you think” she asked? I told her that I thought she was good but I asked her what she did with these. Some I turn into paintings, some are used as illustrations for magazines or books and some are just private sketches. I work with the models taking their photos and then later after the film is developed I sketch what you see. “This is why I asked you if you would be interested”, she said. You have GREAT legs and a nice upper body too I can tell you were in the military, what branch she asked? I told her and then she asked again if I would be interested. She said she would pay me $100 an hour to pose for her.

    What do I need to do I asked? Look it’s not that hard so why don’t you come with me to my studio in the next room. I followed her and then she asked me to take off my clothes. “Do you a towel” I asked naively? You don’t need a towel just take it all off I have seen it all before she said. I nervously took off my shirt and then my shorts and as I got to my tight white briefs she could see that I was getting more than a little turned on. Don’t worry about it I see it all the time. So I just pulled down my briefs and stood there in front of her. She grabbed my hand and led me to where she wanted to stand in front of her tripod and explained how she wanted me to pose. After several poses she asked how I was doing and if I wanted something to wipe myself as I was dripping pre-cum heavily as my cock began to bob up and down. I did and wiped it off and continued to pose for her for about forty-five more minutes or so. She finished and said that I could go around the corner and shower in her beach shower outside near the pool and I did. As I was toweling off she walked up and asked did I want cash or a check. I told her I would take cash and she put $200 near where my clothes were.

    Dressing she said she would give me a call when the photos were processed and I left. I kind of felt like I got teased and exposed almost kind of cheap and with no sex although I got hard and was dripping all over her floor.

    She did call in the middle of the week and asked when we could meet again. We looked through the photos together and she told me what she liked, “your legs and abs and broad shoulders and you have a big penis” she said. Would you like to work for me again she asked? I said yes and she asked if she could refer me to other artist friends too. I said sure.

    Before anything else happened she told me something’s she thought would get me more work. I notice you shave your body hair (I was in Recon in the Marines and we always shaved our legs and chest like a swimmer) and trim around your penis if I were you though I would clean it all off as most artist will like this. She also suggested that I get an ‘all over tan’ no tan lines. Where could I go and do this I asked. She said at the base of Diamond Head at the beach below which is mostly rocky you can go there and most people would leave you alone or the woods above the road below the Diamond Head lookout.

    We worked again that night and I must admit that I was getting more and more relaxed but yet turned on too. She loved what she was seeing as she commented about it as I posed. Still nothing happened and she paid me too.

    That week I tried to go to the beach she told me about but there were a lot of people down there mostly guys and I wasn’t yet that comfortable so I climb back up and across the road to the woods at the base of Diamond Head. As I followed several paths until I came across an open area where I dropped my gear and stripped. Standing there in the open was kind of neat, putting on suntan oil and touching myself only made my cock get excited and begin to rise. As I worked the oil in I could here what I thought were rabbits or something moving in the woods but as I looked up I could see hidden behind some brush was a man and he was obviously checking me out. Now at first this made me nervous but I was sure that nobody was going to Fuck with me as I would break their face. After putting the oil on I laid down and began sunning myself. First I laid on my chest and abs and then after about a half hour turned over and laid on my back. The hot oil was cascading down my body and as it did so it felt pretty damn good my cock was beginning to get hard as were my nipples too. I laid there for as long as I could take it and then stood up as I wanted to wipe the oil and sweat off and then reapply as I didn’t want a nasty sunburn.

    Standing up and rubbing and caressing the oil and sweat off my body my nipples and cock were getting very excited and so was I and then I caught him. The same ‘Bush Bunny’ was still there checking me out and I could see he had his cock in his hand and was jacking off looking at me too. I turned around and seen that there was another one too checking me out, he was Asian and had his shorts around his ankles as he pulled himself off watching me. We I stood there putting on oil and watching these two ‘Bush Bunnies’ get off watching me. I aint going to lie even though I am a heterosexual it was a turn on and I waited until both of them finished and left until I stood up and played with myself shooting all over the ground and then quickly dressed and climb down and went home.

    I went back almost everyday and it seem like there was at least one visitor everyday and always the same thing they hid behind the bush as I sat, laid or stood there naked.

    Between the modeling and coming here for sun this was beginning to become addictive I loved showing off and exposing myself to a willing audience.

    ~ to be continued
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