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Discussion in 'The Healthy Penis' started by D_Taylor Sniffed, May 13, 2011.

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    My gf and I are pretty serious we have been together almost a year. At first We were taking it slow and then after 4 months she said the wait was enough and she was game. This girl is really tight and I am pretty thick...long story short after 5 months we broke over it for 7 weeks now we are back together because I have started to use a gel from my dr for low testosterone...I was able to hook up with another girl during the time off but still can't find my way in her....I have been doing PE exercises so now I am looking at something else what would you guys do? Do I need a pump or something else?...and what sites lets your charge on the card to be hidden so that family or whoever is not aware of what I got... any advise would be helpful thanks.
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    A vagina can dilate significantly. Think childbrith.

    You need more foreplay.
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    Yeah, unless your dick is like a football just try more foreplay. Yeah, I'm a homo, but trust me on this: Every woman I know says it takes her longer to get ready than it does for her man, and going straight on in to vaginal penetration doesn't work any kind of magic. You can also try using lubrication. Both the water-based and silicone-based stuff are good for use with condoms. The silicone stuff costs more, but goes farther.

    If putting anything at all in there causes her discomfort, there's the chance she has a yeast infection or (rarer, but worse) vaginismus. But first off try foreplay and lube. And good luck!
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