Dictators That Remind You Evil James Bond Villians!

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    KIM JUNG IL (North Korea)
    If he didnt exist Hollywood wouldve created him, with his jumpsuit, thick glasses, and platform shoes hes so damn comical it would be downright hilarious but oh yeah. hes unstable crazy and nuked up!

    Muammar Gaddafi (North Korea)
    So evil that you dont even know how to spell his name Kaddafi, Qadaffi, Gaddafi. who the fuck knows the shape shifter. Only the late Saddam had more funny outfits

    Reminds me of old grisly looking army surplus supply shop owner who is literally stuck in the 50's telling conspiracy stories

    BASHAR Al-Assad (Syria)
    You put your guard down because hes always in tailored suits, was educated in the west and is actually an eye doctor. The death of his older brother opened up the door for him to inherit the family business. DICTATING. Opposition brings a knife he brings a gun. they bring a gun he brings a tank and so forth

    VLADIMIR Putin (Russia)
    The first George Bush was the former head of the CIA (so you couldnt trust that spy) Putin was former head of the KGB so the same applies. I dont care what his title is, anybody who is not Russian probably couldnt name the current Russian Prime Minister.. (think about it you dont know do you???_):confused: but you know who PUTIN IS.. and can you really trust a guy named Vladimir? he'll tie you up in a basement and tell you how hes gonna feed you to his mutant sharks while drinking some vodka!

    who else you got?
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