Difficulty in erection becuse of prostate problems.

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    Sep 30, 2008
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    I wanted improve my sex life (increase libido and erection quality) and I used knowledge
    From the net, but actually because of my stupidity I made it worse.
    My problem now is that as I think after prolonged and excessive use of supplements at start
    Testosterone boosters yohimbe,tongkat ali and further after reading the book "The hardness
    Factor by" Dr. Steven Lamm - L-arginine,pycnogenol,red wine, grape seed extract,ginkgo
    Biloba I developed some problems.I'm not a profesionallist and I can`t not accurately
    Identify it.
    My symptoms now are that I don`t have now morning wood and erection are not full erection
    (Glans is soft)
    My shaft has changed some veins appeared on it which are visible.
    Penis enlargement excesses are almost imposibile for me now.My unit is in quite big flaccid
    State all the time ( I have now unusual libido and the most important I feel some strange
    Kind of pressure in groin area)
    After reading information on the net and new researches I realize that after excessive use of supplemments testoterone boosters and AAKG(very high doses up to 10 g a day) I might suffer
    From prostatitis or other prostate problems.I have symptoms like light burning
    Urination,frequent urination,multiple nocturia.
    Therefore, I am convinced that the suffering due to prostate problems.I'm going see doc soon.
    And now I'm looking for the best way of treatment best methods for treatment of this and of
    Course the most important for me is recovery of my erection quality.
    Please some wise advice.
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    See your doctor asap and be totally honest with him as to what you have been taking prior to your problem starting. Don't try and put right he problems you have caused yourself.
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