Dilemma; A Leaky Cucumber

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    The Great White North
    Hope you all like my first attempt at erotic fiction...enjoy!
    (pardon the spelling and grammar)

    Tom had had an aching massive erection for days...

    He hadn't been sleeping well for several nights, every morning and every night he had had wood.
    Not just a twig either, his pole was the size of a nice PVC pipe! Try sleeping with that!

    To make matters worse, he had to wank it several times a night or wake up in a lake of cum...
    Then do laundry, change clothing, bedding etc.
    It was a blood nightmare. He was so overtired!!!
    It was worse than running a marathon.

    He'd phoned the doctor's office for an appointment but they couldn't fit him in.
    So he called the Urologist's office desperate to get in to see the doctor.
    Usually they didn't take non referalls but when he told her of his circumstances,
    the kindly secretary made an exception for him...

    He arrived in a rush, late as usual for appt's..Somehow the idea of rush hour
    traffic never dawned on him until he was in it.

    As usual on the drive there he had done whatever he could to disquise the
    flagpole standing up from his pants that invaded his shirt and threatened to pop
    out of his neckline of his shirt at any second...Might as well put the Canadian
    Flag on it on July 1st he thought with sarcasm...

    He was aching with need for release...what to do?...
    He had been jerking himself off morning noon and night and more for three days and still the damn thing
    wouldn't go down...He had woken up this morning in a daze, bent over to put on his socks and stabbed
    himself in the eye...grrrr..that really had hurt, what an irony hurt and horny at the same time!

    What was happening to him? Why did he of all people have to deal with this now?

    As if it had been easy trying to get dressed either, in his haste he had grabbed his tie and tried
    to tie it but his pole kept getting in the way, so he had swatted it like a fly and howled in pain
    for doing so...bending over to pull up his pants was a challenge because he had to be careful not
    to poke himself in the face with it...again. Then he realized he had forgotten to put on a shirt!
    He almost chuckled as he zipped up his pants...ha most people have a use for that, I sure don't!
    And as for trying to feel comfortable in a suit that bulges hugely
    on one side and pulls...well forget it. Maybe he should just stick a real cucumber on the other side to balance
    the equation!

    Arriving at the office, he had taken his seat, strategically placing his tie over his bulge to make it less
    noticeable, but it kept falling off because the damn thing kept throbbing. Finally he decided to just
    do his best to ignore the monstrosity, it's gone away before, maybe it will go down today he thought ruefully
    he crossed his legs, bend over, applied pressure, tapped the frenulum, but nothing could make it go down.

    At work he'd had to make a presentation, but he knew he had been every shade
    of red possible, as it seemed to him and his audience that he was presenting his
    rod to them! On the way out of the meeting, his co workers had asked him if he'd
    had a hard time with it...he knew exactly what they meant! He was pissed.

    Here he was he'd put a lot of work into that presentation and all they could think about
    what the size of his schong! Thinking about it, made it grow another inch or two if that was
    possible and to his shock he felt it pushing up on the shoulder of his suit!..
    This was insane, who has a cock as big as this and is still growing!!!

    Once again he felt the familiar sensation of precum leaking down his rod,
    damn it, now I'll have to change shirts again before I can even go to the doctor's office
    he muttered to himself exasperatedly.

    Man those normal sized guys are crazy wanting something like this...
    Here I'm stuck with it and it's driving me nuts!
    If they only knew how lucky they were...
    They don't have to cover their bulge up with 2 litre pepsi bottles at the beach or at the store
    for starters, nor worry about how it's going to grow quickly into a massive enlish cucumber!
    that leaks puddles as soon as you see something that turns you on...Man some people
    complain about house training their pets, how do you train a cucumber he thought perplexed.

    Never mind trying to bend over and tie your shoelaces and have the thing pop up to your ear!
    God forbid dropping your credit card or cell phone on the floor, or anythng for that matter.
    Do that and well let's just say the jig is up, well way there literally!

    He sighed, remembering the bliss of pre-puberty before the leaky cuke took over his life...
    Heck even if he wore a jacket the thing would bulge massively through it making him the
    brunt of endless comments, whispers and giggles...from passersby.

    Ok he enjoyed the attention to a degree, it was certainly a chick magnet, but he was far too
    wrapped up in his career to have time for that...
    Well maybe that was part of the problem....
    if he had a regular sexual outlet...that might bring some relief...
    well for now his rosy palms would have to do, far too much was at stake.

    He simply didn't have time for a relationship in his life now at any rate.

    He parked the car and was glad for the rain, it gave him an excuse to turn up the collar on his
    still growing member...walking he could feel it still pulsing to his heartbeat, rising higher and higher
    up his chest...

    He rushed to the nearest wash room ,thankfully it was deserted..he sat down on the toilet, pulled off his damp raincoat, and
    shirt, grabbing some tissue he wiped off the inside of his now soaked shirt, and proceeded to wipe
    the sticky clear residue that was now running like a river down his engorged member.
    Why did this always happen when he was in a rush!
    He sat for a few minutes hoping it would go down, to no avail...
    He'd been hard for days and his thing just got more and more active...
    His balls were churning like a volcano and then he erupted again, for the umpteenth time that day.
    Thank God he'd made it to the bathroom in time.!!! Phew , the release felt good!!!
    But now he has a mess to clean up again...the walls of the cubicule were covered with cum that
    had spraved all over despite his attemps to catch some of it with the tissue...
    Why didn't they supply paper towelling in these places....life would be so much easier...
    And as he rose to leave, his long heavy member whacked against his chest with a solid thud
    reminding him that no matter what it was ready to go again!

    Running up the stairs two at a time he finally burst into the receptionist's office to see the Urologist...better than taking the elevator where anyone
    bumping into him might...no need to go there.
    Yup late again...guaranteed.

    He took a seat, having hung his coat, he held a magazine in front of the obscenley huge bulge that
    protruded from his groin, now it was pushing his shirt up past his shoulder, leaving a large wet spot
    that was highly visible on his dark shirt...Damn the thing was pulsing visibly like it was alive...
    Everyone stared in awe at his member, he ducked his head and pretended to read...

    For some reason the seats were full today, and because of the small size of the office everyone was
    crammed like sardines next to each other. The fellow sitting next to him was tall and thin, and very well built, eye's bluer than the sky...really
    good looking, he was surprised that despite his feelings of embarrasment at his predicament he felt
    a sense of physical attraction to this guy...odd that had never happened before...he felt his rod jump
    at the thought, and now the entire head was bulging up above his shoulder...he was beginning to feel
    a bit weak and faint, which was quite unusual for him, thankfully he was already sitting down...

    He closed his eyes to breathe and relax, hoping that would bring some relief...then suddenly he
    felt something hot pulsating and soft, yet firm poking into his side...opening one eye slighly he noticed
    that the guy next to him was grinning at him, his curved member had become engorged too and it's large banana curved member crossed the space between their seats and was
    now pressing into his ribs!!! Next thing he knew he felt his member jump again...and that old churning
    sensation between his legs...Oh my God, his body was responding to the sexual pulsing and sensation of the guy's organ pressing into him...
    and he was going to CUM on the spot...Now what???

    to be continued...

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    NICE! tho the size is a little 2 big
  3. wishiwashung

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    Providence (RI, US)
    i love this story and personally wish that more stories would have some more cocks of this size or greater. PLEASE continue with this story, its sooo hott!
  4. reallyhot

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    The Great White North
    Glad you enjoyed it so far...
    I'll continue it when I get a chance.
    Thanks for your feedback.
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