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    OK. We have had the MacBook Pro for sometime now. Maybe over a year? And I knew my partner was using Skype for a group project. But I did not ask and he did not tell me the instructions. I do not know anyone that I would want to or could video chat with and Cam2Cam never interested me. So, no loss.

    Well, I have no idea what possessed me to investigate "where's the camera and how does it work and could I watch myself?" as I was having fun with my self today. But I was, I did, I found, I learned and I watched.

    Hot! I only used the preview but oh the fun that was had! I have no idea what this will lead to but it certainly feels like pandora's box has just been opened. Now here is the weirdness. I immediately thought, if I C2C I will have to go to another sight, under a different name because I don't know if I could do that on here. I'm really not sure that I could/would C2C at all but it was funny how I jumped to that thought.

    And I call myself an exhibitionist? REALLY? OMG. There is a saying: Just when you think you have all the answers, they go and change the questions. That's what this feels like. WTF. I know I'm not perfect but what is that all about?

    Now. I was gonna keep all this shit to myself and then I decided, I started the new year intending to be a participant on here and this sure sounds like a LPSG-thing to me. Maybe even a first!

    Anyway, rambling over. BTW, I did not post under Webcam as that seemed more for "hook-ups(?)" and not sharing of "issues.":shrug:

    Did I mention it was hot!.... I will do it again. OH YEAH!!!
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    iChat doesn't seem to work for me :( I can't set it up.
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