Diversity and equality are not the same thing

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    Diversity and equality are completely different virtues.

    Diversity is also entirely relative and can include (or not) such different demographics as religion: several Protestant denominations in one small area could be a sign of diversity; Catholics and Protestants together can be seen as diverse; add in Judaism and you've got the typical historical European/American model of religious diversity. But most places on both sides of the Atlantic now incorporate Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism in their myriad spectrum, and of course there are always plenty of non-believers, too.

    A place can incorporate all these different and contradictory beliefs into their society and still not achieve a cosmopolitan mix, where each are given roughly the same standing and no one religion is seen as dominant. This is closer to the ideal of full equality, but tolerance doesn't guarantee legal equality: laws do, and laws need to be enforced. Custom isn't enough to ensure full equality.

    There are also issues with how equality is measured and quantified. Equality of opportunity does not always equal equality of results, though gross iniquities in income, housing and career opportunities are obvious signs of socially-approved inequality.
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