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    This thread is dedicated to all politicians, regardless of affiliation, and their big public missteps. We need a place like this to encompass the BIG TENT that keeps getting bigger as members and elected officials of the "I'm Better Than You Crowd" need to be hung out to dry. This also includes those who effect politics, such as Phylis Schlafley, The American Family Association, and former christianist and Republicanist member of the House, Congressman Lee.

    Just so everyone knows, I come from a long line of proud white trash with a minor portion of my antecedents being Latino. So, when I hob knob with white trash I make sure they're white trash with a history.

    The last time I mentioned a friend of mine who is moving back to South Carolina and included that she had repeated to herself "I do want to go back to SC. I don't want to go back to SC. I don't want to go back to SC." Just about everyone jumped my poop saying that I was being unfair for making such broad generalizations about a State and it's Citizenry. Point of fact, I wasn't disparaging the Great State of South Carolina . . . my expat friend, who leaves at the end of the month and is a native of that State simply repeated that she did not want to return there. Got it? Any questions? It was only after everyone jumped on my poop did I decide it worth saying unkind things about S.C.

    Well, as it turns out, this particular expat friend of mine I visit with when I'm in Argentina is a direct descendent (as in great, great, great, great, great granddaughter) of John Rutledge who was elected President of South Carolina, April 1776, under South Carolina's constitution of March 26, 1776. He was also a delegate to the Constitutional Convention, and actually signed the United States Constitution. He served as an Associate Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court, and was the second Chief Justice of the Court from July to December 1795. His brother, Edward Rutledge, was even a a signatory of the Declaration of Independence. So, don't tell me I don't know good white trash when I associate with it. B. Rutledge, my pal and friend, is smart, well-educated and possesses a Doctor of Chemistry. She knows more about poop than most.

    A few weeks ago the couple dining al fresco next to us at Guidos on La República de India opposite the city zoo in the sprawling Palermo neighborhood (I live in the expensive part of town) seemed somewhat familiar to my good, ol' expatriate friend B. Rutledge. When the dessert tray arrived B. said a bit too loud, "Mark Sanford? Yeah. Mark Sanford. I thought you looked familiar."

    And, indeed, the great non-bushwhacker of the modern Appalachian was, indeed, sitting next to us with the new squeeze of his life María Belén Chapu. My friend and I were cordial as was the former, nationally embarrassed, almost impeached but instead formally censured former Governor of the Great State of South Carolina. We did not, however, shake hands. That isn't really done down here when it can be avoided.

    I must say Sra Belén is quite a looker. She's divorced with two kids and probably in her mid 40s, looks younger. But a blind man can't walk his dog down here without tripping over a majority of women of exceptional beauty.

    As it turns out, Sra. Belén is my neighbor, living right around the corner from me in a newish apartment tower where she runs her home, family, and day-trading business.

    And on a positive note, they seem very much in love . . . . even though Sanford has been one of the biggest anti-gay rights advocates in US History. I have no doubt Mark will change his religious affiliation to that of Catholic which will allow him considerable lee way in any further sexual (or political) escapades. But that's just my guess.
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