Do men exaggerate friends size?

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    This is kind of an odd thing for me to discuss and more about me being insecure at times then anything. My male freinds although I have seen very few are quite outspoken about their size. Pretty much all of them discuss having small penises. Not that its discussed much, its just casually mentioned between some of them they would like a bigger penis and that there lacking in that department. Quite the opposite of what i hear men are suppose to say, maybe porn access is bringing mens pride down.

    My freinds have never seen me naked although i have seen them on occasion in gyms, im fairly shy and I will say they did look very small.

    What is odd is that increasingly lately i hear them discuss someone elses penis, like someone on their hockey team having the biggest cock ever.

    One of the people who some of them claimed was huge i seen and was not that big, and another freind also said the same that it was greatly exaggerated. It perplexed me as to why, yet they still insisted the guy was huge. Maybe because they were small.

    The latest one I heard tonight however bothered me because it was a girl i was interested in some years ago. I always believed my penis was one area that was above average compared to some guys. Apperantly a freinds freind stayed in a hotel with her and her current boyfreind and they thought our freind was sleeping but he was not, and he claimed the guy had a beer bottle size penis. The friend telling me the story continued to tell the story then later exaggerated it and claimed that it was a 14 inch cock, that was his exact phrase later.

    Now i probably should not care. But im curious since I only have seen one instance of exaggeration to go on, do men with smaller penises exaggerate the size of seeing other males penis if it is decent above average and does it impress them?

    I am sure rumors do spiral out of control. But coming from a male freind who himself is on the small average end, and saying this thing was beer bottle size and then exaggerated to 14 inches, do men greatly exaggerate the size of a freinds penis, or is it safe to say that most men have no reason to exaggerate the size of a freinds penis and it was probably that massive? Obviously not 14 inches but at least very big.

    Again im shy guy i usually stay away from this sort of discussion, but since it was a girl i used to be interested in, i am curious.
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    Well I think you answered your own question. I think this is somewhat applicable to alot of things some feel feel the come up short with. Its sort of human nature lol.

    but I will tell a mini story

    one of my friend sort of internalized his insecurities about his penis lol
    him and i are the same size and my other 2 friends are bigger than both of us. But the one who is the same size as me constantly looks at just about all of our crotches all the time & adjusts himself all the time & tries to get us to talk about sex hoping it would lead to a penis conversation lol

    a lil off topic though lmao but i feel its kind of the same thing
    making a big deal out of other guys penises
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