Do you get annoyed when you're talking to a guy and...

Discussion in 'Women's Issues' started by LemacST, Oct 18, 2007.

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    Apr 20, 2007
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    another guy, whether you're interested in him or not, comes around and tries talking to you?

    I've been "that guy" (lol) twice and each time the girl has said something to indirectly tell me to fuck off. Both times, the girl had shown some kind of interest in me. I guess doing what I did is rude anyway but the way they retaliate is pretty rude too.

    For example, at a party this one hyper little blonde girl (who I've known for a while and always been fliratious with) came up to me, jumped/clung on to me and continued to hold onto me throughout our whole conversation. Afterwards we parted ways and I did my own thing while she talked to some kid she was interested in. Later on in the night she was still talking to this kid and I kind of hung around where she was, talking to my own friends (it was kind of a small group clustered in one area). I was in perfect position to start conversation with her if I wished (and I wanted to!) and she still continued to talk to the guy. I wasn't trying to get her attention really although I was kind of looking onto both of them talking. She was telling the guy something like "I wanna visit you when you live there" when she kind of turned to me and said "but I won't visit you", LOL. I wasn't even part of her conversation nor did I know what she was talking about. This was OBVIOUSLY her just saying "Yeah, I'm talking to this kid and I don't want to talk to you so fuck off". I was offended but I knew I set myself up anyway. The reason I made this thread is because something similar happened at the bar tonight--some girl totally eyefucked me twice in a row, then she went somewhere else and I found her talking to my friend, then I went up to talk to my friend (and her) and she said a couple of offensive things to me for the same reason stated in this thread.

    Have you ever had to do this, ladies? How often does it happen? Do you wish you could slap assholes like me because of this? If I really want to talk to you and you're talking to some other guy, is the ONLY thing I can do is wait it out?
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    Nov 22, 2006
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    Yes, that seems to be the polite thing.

    Oh dear, sweet, young LemacST,
    I've heard of this happening before but ususally it's the guy that gets mad at you for getting in between him and the girl to whom he is speaking. You were cockblocking. Or in this instance I guess you were pussyblocking.
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