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    Okay guys and gals,

    This is a bit graphic, but there are very few forums where I could tell this story. It actually happened several months ago, but I was fantasizing about it today and made quite a mess (that darned precum just has a mind of its own) on the floor under my computer keyboard.

    (EDIT - inappropriate content involving minors deleted here)

    Now the background is I'm bi and my roommate's gay and we occasionally fool around. Anyway, this guy loves my dick and whenever he's horny and no one's around he'll beg me to let him suck me. Sometimes I give in, sometimes not. This is one of those mornings I gave in.

    Anyway, the guy gives great head under any circumstances, but has this way with me that's exquisite. First, he gets me erect simply by running his fingers lightly over my inner thighs, shaved balls, my stomach just above my shaft, my nipples, etc. In other words all the errogeneous zones without however touching my penis. This in itself is a tremendous turn on and I'm usually leaking like crazy once he gets me hard.

    So this particular morning he starts giving me head in the normal fashion (meaning up and down to me) and then all of sudden he stopped at about the halfway point of my shaft and then with just his lips and mouth he started sucking. I mean literally no more up and down just sucking like he was a vacuum cleaner or something. As he continued doing this, I started getting this feeling in my dick that was unlike anything I'd experienced before. It was like something was rising, welling up or trying to get out and my roommate was hell bent on doing just that. It didn't feel the typical way it feels when you're getting ready to cum.

    The longer he did this, the more intense the feeling became and I was making pretty loud noise at this point and just riding the crest of this incredible feeling which just kept growing, but didn't result in me cumming. Finally, yelling to beat the band and writhing around, my roomie casually raised his mouth up to the top of my shaft, up to the head, and I let go the most intense orgasm I've ever had. It seemed like a I came forever, which according to my roommate, who swallowed the whole thing was quite an amount. I wish all you guys could have experienced this.

    Now, I've tried this technique on a couple guys and I just don't get the same effect that my roomie has on me, although guys tell me I give good head. Has this happened to anyone else in this way? I can't believe I'd be 45 flippin' years old and not had an orgasm like that until now! I'll leave you with this thought. No matter how old you are or how much experience you've had, one day when you think you know it all, something comes along and blows your flippin' socks off. Thanks for letting me tell this story. Peace and Light,

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    once I squirted about 2-3 meters long , that was amazing
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