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    johnny8x8: So I told Mrs. 8x8 that we have 3 kids and now that I'm 39 years old, I think that's enough. I'm scheduling an appointment with the urologist for a vasectomy. But I hesitate because of my LAST visit to the urologist...

    Yes, it was 5 years ago when I last went to one. Wife wanted to be pregnant and it didn't happen after 2 months off of the pill. So I decided it's faster for me to be checked than her. I go to Tulane Medical Center-New Orleans for my appointment. Doc walks in to talk and examine me. Told me issues and asked as an aside about penile enhancement surgery. He asked me to wait and minute then returned with 3 student doctors (residents?). He asks if it's okay for them to observe ... I reluctantly agreed. So then he decides its time to examine me. For some reason, I didn't think that a discussion primarily about getting a specimen check done for fertility would result in an exam by the lead doc, 2 male residents and one female resident ---but it did. He felt around, felt my balls, moved my dick to one side then another, felt it for "lumps" ... then asked if the residents could it that also. Now I'm thinking this is going to be very bad because being "handled" has a universal effect. I got through it, nothing got bigger (thank God) but the doc referred me to their psychiatry department for counseling. He said that I was longer than "average" and "much thicker" than average. He would do the specimen sample (turned out fine) and suggested I talk with the counselor to "overcome my irrational concerns about penis size". Wife was pregnant 2 weeks later.

    Needless to say, I will NOT schedule anything else with that doc.

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    Iv'e told my doctor's office story earlier, but i must say it can be an arousing time. I always liked wearing sexy spandex underwear when going in for a physical examination under soft snug faded blue jeans or snug overalls with a lot of buttons or snaps. My doctor is a woman and very good. When it's time to get ready for my exam, I'll have a nice healthy erection under my my favorite snug clothes and spandex underwear. This my favorite part of taking a physical examination, when reminded by the nurse, that all clothes have to come off and bare it all. I,m still in good health, as our nurse, who knows also me for many years and dealt with shy guys in the past , who won't to bare it all for her and the doctor. My lady doctor will check if I'm ready, but she sees me still in my favorite snug outfit, reminding me "sorry, but it all has to come off now". it's a slow but enjoyable process for my physical examination, as they both gently help get me naked, looking my soon to be naked male body with a healthy erection standing at attention, especially once my spandex underwear is off. I'll still blush and shyly try covering my self, as all of my college age body is fully exposed, while both the nurse and lady doctor help me undress. They are both very professional about it and do make me feel better during their extensive probing and medical process during my physical examination. As said before, the doctor tells me that having an erection when being helped undressing during a extensive physical exam is an important indication that I,m in good health.
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