Dodge offering rebates to pregnant German women

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    This is from September 2008, so I am not sure if the offer is still valid:

    Dodge offering rebates to pregnant German women

    by Chris Shunk on Sep 29th 2008 at 4:30PM

    Dodge is looking to spur sales in Germany while at the same time increase the country's birth rate in a new marketing campaign that's one for the ages. German women who come to a Dodge dealership with proof of procreation and the resultant pregnancy will get a discount on the Dodge car or minivan of their dreams. Apparently, the birth rate in Germany is precariously low, which has led Dodge to, ahem, conceive this idea. Expecting moms get nine months (clever) deferred financing if they can present proper proof of their pregnancy. Considering women have to pee on those sticks to find out if they're preggo, we hope local German dealers have plenty of latex gloves and disinfectant on hand. When my wife had some odd cravings when she was pregnant, but never once did she ask for a Dodge. She did tell me once, however, that the Dodge Ram logo looks like a uterus, so maybe this campaign makes sense after all.

    Source: Dodge offering rebates to pregnant German women — Autoblog
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