Does anyone do web design?

Discussion in 'Et Cetera, Et Cetera' started by B_Mademoiselle Rouge, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. B_Mademoiselle Rouge

    Oct 17, 2007
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    Southern US
    Looking for a large penis for web design. Just kidding, you don't have to have a large penis or a penis at all. Here's what i'm looking for...

    I used to do freelance web design like 8 years ago and I don't have the time, energy or the know how to do what i would like to do. I've owned a business for about 6 years now and i used to have a website for it a few years back. I was completely booked for the last 2 years so i dumped the dot com name and the hosting to save on business expenses.

    I'm needing only a few pages, no e-commerce or anything because i offer a local service. I used to have a form that my potential clients would fill out and it went to my email with all of the information i needed. I had an index page and a page that listed all of my services. So pretty much 3 pages and i provide everything you need word for word.

    There are a few local design companies that i've contacted in the past and their rates were outrageous for what i was needing or they were bad about not contacting me at all. If you do some side work and would like to help me out, PM me some work you've done and what your rates are. I have the capability to get my own name and server space, if you happen to have a server you'd be able to host me on let me know that too.

    I was going to petition my needs here at LPSG before looking any further for someone to help me out. Note also this site has nothing to do with sex, nudity or anything of the sort. Confidentiality and professionalism is a must as personal information will be disclosed.

    -Mlle Rougie Rouge
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  2. D_Carroll Condomripper

    Apr 26, 2007
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    Would you accept an above average penis with no website design experience to navigate your web space?
  3. B_jacknapier

    B_jacknapier New Member

    Oct 7, 2007
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    I know I probably don't have a lot of credibility around here but I do flash-based web design and I do it cheap. PM me if you're interested.

    I will, however, be on vacation between the 7th and 14th of this month.
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