Does Your Lady Know How To Make Love To Her Oral Sex Food?

Discussion in 'Sex With a Large Penis' started by XCentralCasting8in, Oct 2, 2011.

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    For the orally fixated, in the 70s porn classic Misty Beethoven, high society pimp Jamie Gillis says point blank to Constance Money, Pygmalion courtesan in training, "when her man cums is when a real cocksucker first begins to suck".

    My doll face old lady has almost always swallowed. But since I'm a shooter and she fears getting it in her eyes, the visuals are lost and she is shy or skittish when it comes to playing with the splooge load or getting orally kinky.

    That is, dripping, drooling, bubble-blowing or what I like to call romancing the bone. Best I've been able to do is get her to gargle. Who here has been able to get his mouth hugger to eat his love juice porno style? Post your stories...
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    My mission here at LPSG is to dig up buried and long forgotten unanswered queries and reply. Suck-Girl to the rescue!

    All the bubble blowing and building up of cum goo play isn't for me, just too messy. When I've seen it in film, watching other people, it's sorta gross. Gargle, blah, how is that remotely a turn on? Most I'll do is draw a little precum string from the tip of my bf's cock with my tongue. Apart from that when I do swallow there's been a few times I've opening my mouth and shown him his load and then swallowed it. Nothing super sexy as I usually laugh after I do it, just having fun, can't help it. I must say he usually kisses me really passionately after I do it, lot of deep tongue action. At first I thought the boy liked tasting his own stuff but he told me he thinks it's one of the hottest thing I do for him and that if I can do that for him he wants to share in any unpleasant taste I'm made to suffer. Personally I don't find his cum unpleasant at all, he eats really healthy, doesn't smoke (apart from pot), and the taste reflects that. Actually the smell of his cum sort of turns me on. I wish I could think of the word to describe it but it smells like something really clean. I don't know if people can relate to this but it has this mild bleach fragrance.

    I'm really tempted to fake swallow one of these times and have him kiss me. I'm wondering if we share it for a moment and then I swallow it what his reaction will be?
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