Doing Doreen (black on white, cuckolding, impregnation)

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    This was something I did in about the span of a day as a gift for a friend. I feel the prose isn't up to my usual standard, but it's nice to finally finish something, so I'm posting it. Hope you enjoy!

    The sun was close to setting, and the sky had turned a syrupy goldenrod hue over the ocean waves. Andrew was sitting with his arm around Doreen, nursing a can of beer as the two of them sat on their beach blanket and watched the lone swimming figure in the sparkling waves. As a seagull cawed overhead, Andrew leaned over and rested his head on Doreen’s shoulder, and she smiled at the familiar gesture, unfolding her hands from her lap and leaning back to let the sun warm her creamy white skin. He looked down, letting his eyes run over the top of her breasts, each one cupped inside the neon green fabric of her bikini, and even though they were almost dry now from being out of the water for so long, Andrew could still make out the pink chips of her nipples. Not that he had to stare hard to get the picture of them in his mind, not after three years together.

    “Man, I have such the urge to just take you, right here, right now,” Andrew whispered into Doreen’s ear. He could smell the sea in her chestnut hair and it was driving him crazy.

    Doreen giggled, turning her head to give Andrew a kiss on the cheek, “Doing it on the beach, Huh? isn’t that a bit cliche?”

    “It’s romantic!” He said with a grin, and kissed Doreen on her lips. She dutifully returned the kiss, her tongue meeting his.

    “Hey, there you are man,” Robby said, padding up towards the pair, chocolate toned skin dripping with seawater. The tracks that he left in the sand were massive due to the size of his feet and the weight they supported. Robby was an impossibly large man, broaching almost nine feet in height and sporting a barrel chest, his whole body rippling with muscle as he moved. The only thing he had on coming out of the water was his silver speedo, which fit snugly and was so well filled out it jiggled visibly with each step. Andrew had earlier remarked that it was a bit lewd, and Robby had explained, wearing the ghost of a smile, that it was impossible to find things in his size.

    “You can’t be done swimming already, can you?” Asked Robby.

    Andrew disentangled himself from Doreen, staying in her eyes a half second longer to smile, and tossed his friend a towel. “Already?” he said, “We’ve been swimming for hours now, I’m pooped!”

    Robby bent down and managed to save the towel from hitting the sand, tossing it over his shoulder and striding toward the beach blanket that Andrew and Doreen occupied. “Pfft, I haven’t even broken a sweat,” he scoffed, “Ah well, get me a beer then, it’s getting dark anyway.”

    Andrew unwrapped his arm around Doreen and went over to the opposite side of the towel, digging another beer out of the cooler from its place half-buried in the sand. When he turned around, Robby had taken his seat next to Doreen.

    “Hey, I had dibs on that spot!” Andrew said, feigning annoyance. Robby had been Andrew’s best friend for years, they were practically brothers. They had always had a bit of a rivalry between the both of them, they often worked out together and set weight and lifting goals that involved getting to one milestone first, enjoyed games of poker with sizeable stakes, and even played videogames against each other. Robby usually outpreformed Andrew in these scenarios.

    Robby chuckled, “You think that man, but you were just keeping it warm for me. And nah, keep the beer,” he said, waving back Andrew’s hand as he offered the requested drink to his buddy, “Not that thirsty after all.”

    Andrew rolled his eyes and popped the can with a fssh. He was about to sit next to the opposite side of Doreen, but Robby put his arm down so that his palm rested on the towel there. Andrew opted to sit a little bit further away, facing his best friend and his girlfriend as they relaxed together. He patted the towel next to him, looking at Doreen expectantly, but she just grinned at him and continued sitting next to Robby. He withdrew his hand and sullenly sipped his beer as he watched Doreen rest her head against Robby, only coming up to his chest where on Andrew she came up to his shoulder. Robby shot him a grin, and wrapped his arm a bit tighter around Doreen.

    “So, uh,” Andrew coughed, “Did I mention that me and Doreen are engaged? I popped the question last week. Show ‘im your ring, girl!”

    Doreen’s eyes fluttered open with a start, and then she bashfully raised up her right hand, showing Robby the steel band that Andrew had presented her with the week before Robby had dropped in to visit.

    “Oh, wow, congrats dude,” Robby said, taking Doreen’s hand and lifting it to his face to examine the ring. He squinted down at it, “Huh, hey there’s no diamond on here, did it fall off?”

    “Haha, nah,” Andrew said, chuckling, but a little embarrassed, “I’m between jobs right now and me and Doreen both agreed you don’t need a big pointless diamond stud on there to really mean something, you know?”

    Robby smirked, but said, “Ah, yeah. That right Doreen? You don’t need a diamond stud?”

    Doreen giggled and nodded up at Robby, “Yeah, I don’t mind. It uh, represents the promise and the devotion, you know? That’s what you said, right honey?”

    “Right,” Andrew nodded, smiling nervously.

    “That’s a shame, I was about to say that if you're looking for a ‘stud’, you got one right here!” Robby raised the arm not wrapped around Doreen curled it up, showing off a massive, basketball sized bicep. Doreen gasped, eyes wide. “Though, I guess I can’t exactly fit on your ring.”

    “Wow!” She said, in awe, “That’s gigantic! It doesn’t even look real!”

    “Oh, it’s real. Go ahead, touch it,” Robby urged, offering his arm to Doreen. Andrew watched with a furrowed brow as she reached over and squeezed at Robby’s arm, eyes lighting up like a kid at Christmas.

    “You know, I hear it’s good luck to kiss it,” Robby said, looking toward Andrew.

    Andrew coughed, and then coughed louder when Doreen giggled and placed a puckered kiss on Robby’s arm. “Haha, hey now, that’s uh, that’s a bit much, man.”

    Placing his hands behind his head, Robby pushed his chest out and made his pecs dance while Doreen watched, hand over her mouth. “Just showing Doreen what real musculature is like, doubt she gets the chance to go hands on with someone as buff as me that often. Look at how into it she is, too!”

    Andrew bit his lower lip as he watched Doreen place her hands on Robby’s pectorals as he caused them to flare and contract. Andrew had been going to the gym a lot lately, but he’d never been able to get his chest muscles that pronounced.

    “Well, It’s just, I mean, isn’t that a bit racy to do in public?”

    Robby looked around the beach. It was empty, save for the call of gulls and the crashing of the waves. “What? Man, nobody is here. We could go nude and it wouldn’t matter.”

    “Oh!” Doreen said, “I’ve always wanted to be nude on the beach, it seems so liberating.”

    Andrew frowned at the direction this was going. Robby gave his friend a glance which slowly creeped into a deep set grin.

    “If you wanna go natural, Dorry, I’d be fine with it. I spend most of my free time at home naked, myself. You haven’t lived until you’ve hot tubbed without any pants on.” Robby chuckled, patting Doreen on the shoulder as he gave another sidelook to Andrew.

    “Oh, that sounds lovely,” Doreen said, blushing, but with a big grin “But I don’t want to be the only one naked, jeez. You have to slip off that stingy little speedo, too, Robby!”

    Andrew sat back, gawking. “J-jesus, when did you get to be such a free spirit? Hey, wait-!”

    Doreen had stood up, and with a school girl giggle, reached back untied her bikini top. “Come on, Andrew, this is exciting!” She said, dancing backwards a few steps away from the towel. She lifted her arms, and her top fluttered down to the sand, exposing her pink nipples at the end of her breasts. She closed her eyes and placed her hands on her tits, running her fingertips across the newly exposed flesh. “Ooo, the wind feels so nice.” She said dreamily.

    “Woo, all right Doreen!!” Robby shouted, thunderously clapping his hands, “Take it all off, show us that pussy!”
    Andrew shot a disgusted look to Robby, “Dude what the fuck,” he said, aghast, “that’s my girlfriend.”

    “Yeah man, I know.” Came the reply, with Robby nodding his head at Andrew, “And she’s hot as fuck, that’s all I’m saying. You agree, right?”

    Andrew didn’t know what to say, he just looked back at Doreen, who had turned around and had hooked her thumbs around the strings of her bikini bottom. “Ah fuck yeah,” Robby said, in a low growl, “here it comes,”

    Doreen looked over her shoulder at the pair of men sitting on the blanket, shimmying her wide hips as she slid her bikini top off. The soft swell of her sex was exposed, visible to them both as she stood with her back to them. Andrew knew the sight well, and remembered how long he had to wait before Doreen had exposed it to him for the first time. She had been so shy...

    Doreen turned around to face them again, grinning widly to herself, “Oh, man, I feel so naughty, I’ve never done anything like this before.”

    Robby pushed himself off the towel and stood straight up, putting his hands on his hips. Andrew remained sitting, feeling incredibly self-conscious of the erection hidden in his swim shorts.

    “So how many naked men have you seen in your life, Doreen?” Robby asked. Andrew didn’t even say anything, he just huffed a frustrated sigh.

    “Oh, well, uh, Andrew would be my first. And I guess, only, haha. Why?” Suddenly her shy self again, Doreen giggled, watching Robby flick the edges of his speedo with his thumbs. He got that smug, self assured grin on his face again. “Dunno if you’ll be prepared for this, then.”

    Doreen cocked her head, quizzically, but looked on with interest as Robby pulled down his speedo. Andrew blanched as he saw Robby’s dick uncoil, it didn’t seem possible that so much flesh could be so well contained by what he had had on moments before. It tumbled out to the level of his knees, as girthy as a traffic pylon. His fuzzy black gonads were disproportionately large, too, the size of small melons. His bulge had been unquestionably enormous, but Andrew was still left gawking.

    “What do you think?” Robby asked, grinning at Doreen as his shaft twitched in the salty ocean air. It was semi-hard already, and drooped forward in an arc. The pink head poking out of his foreskin deposited a thumbnail sized bead of pre onto the towel.

    Doreen had stared at Robby’s cock with both hands over her mouth, eyes saucer wide. “That’s... it’s...” She stuttered, visibly shocked, “I didn’t even know they could GET that big!”
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    “Yup!” Robby said, cupping his gigantic balls in one hand, “Bet you wish Andrew was hung like this, huh?”

    “Hey!” Andrew said, snapped out of his stupor by this, “I’ve got enough inches on me to satisfy Doreen, that’s all that matters. See?”

    He stood up in a huff and pulled down his shorts, erection popping into the air. It was a modest piece, above average for sure, around eight inches long, although rather thin in girth. But compared to Robby, it looked puny.

    “Does it satisfy you, babe?” Robby said, motioning to his friend's exposed dick, “Because, judging from the way you’re eyeing my cock, seems like you’re starting to hunger for something more.”

    Doreen took a tentative step towards Robby. His cock was raising upwards, gaining ever more girth than before as it hardened up.
    “I’ll plow you right here and now if you want me to, Doreen,” Robby said, squeezing the base of his dick with one of his huge hands, “Just say the word, and I’ll bury myself balls deep.”

    “Doreen would never do that.” Andrew said, voice cracking with nerves. “Right Doreen? Baby girl?”

    Doreen walked up to Robby, eyes on his cock. Her gaze followed it from the tip, to the base, and up Robby’s abs and chest, to his face.

    “Would you really? Would you... take me right here, right now?” Her voice quivered, and the evening light showed that her sex was glistening with wetness. Robby wrapped his arms around Doreen and forced his mouth against hers, kissing her deeply, with a deep animal eagerness that she returned right back at him, showing more enthusiasm than Andrew had ever seen from her before, her tits mashed up against his chest as his cock jutted out between the gap in her legs, pussy grinding down on the base of its length. Andrew looked on, nonplussed, cock aching from its hardness.

    Robby broke the kiss, and a thin filament of spit connected his and Doreen’s lips. “Just bend yourself over, babe,” he whispered, “and I’ll show you how a REAL man pounds ass.”

    She nodded eagerly, pushing herself away from Robby’s broad chest and walking onto the blanket. She didn’t even look at Andrew as she got onto her hands and knees, pressing her head down and her hindquarters up into the air.

    “I’m yours Robby, I’ve never needed a cock in me like I need yours in me,” Doreen moaned, “Fuck me, please!”

    Robby slid up to Doreen, base of his cock in his hand. He motioned to Andrew, “Hey, come over here man. Don’t you wanna see Doreen get plowed like you could never plow her?”

    Andrew wordlessly walked over and, directed by a hand movement from Robby, got on his knees, on the level of Doreen’s prostrated rump. He watched as the pink head of Robby’s dick neared the dripping wet sex of his girlfriend and grimaced.
    “A-aren’t you gonna put on a rubber, man?” Andrew stuttered out, as Robby's cock neared the eager gash of Doreen’s waiting cunt. He gave Andrew a raised eyebrow, and turned his hips to face him, swinging his cock to face his friend.

    “Does it look like a rubber’s going to fit all this?” He said, grinning as he motioned along his shaft, “Nah,” Robby grinned, showing a few white canines, “The only condom I’m gonna be wearing tonight is your girlfriend.”

    Andrew swallowed, blanching as he faced the shaft of his friend’s massive cock, watching it drip a copious amount of precum onto the beach towel. Andrew’s beach towel. Robby swiveled his hips around again, placing one hand each on the round globes of Doreen’s upturned ass, spreading it apart with his hands. “Man, look at how wet she is. You ever seen Doreen this slick before, man?”

    Andrew mutely shook his head, squeezing at his cock idly as he watched Robby press the head of his shaft against his girlfriend’s pussy. He normally had to use lube to get Doreen slick enough to make sex enjoyable, but Robby had managed to arouse her so much it wasn’t needed.

    Low moans escaped from Doreen’s chest as Robby rubbed his fat cockhead up and down the entrance of her sex. “I don’t know if you’ll be able to fit, you’re so fucking big!” She said.

    Smirking, Robby pulled Andrew’s girlfriend back onto his dick head, making her bite onto the beach towel where she rested as he pushed aside the tight folds of her cunt.

    "Damn, It's like fucking a virgin," Robby growled as Andrew’s eyes widened watching that fat pink head disappear into his fiancĂ©. He was pumping at his cock as he saw Doreen’s pussy stretched out beyond how much he’d ever seen it before, and a pit formed in his stomach as he suspected what Robby’s dick was doing to his future wife’s tightness.

    “See? Knew you could take it, babe.” Robby said, pushing his cock deeper and deeper inside, caushing her to pant and moan loudly with a mix of pain and arousal. He looked over at Andrew, smiling down at him as he forced the base of his cock into Doreen and hilted against her, her ass pancaking against his crotch. “Balls deep, just like I said.” Andrew blushed, shuddering, and his dick erupted onto his chest and stomach. Robby chuckled, turning back towards Andrew’s girlfriend. “Now hold on,” He said, “because I’m about to give you the fucking of your life, just what a good bitch like you deserves.”

    Robby got up off his knees and placed his paw pads onto the towel, keeping his legs bent. He hunched over Doreen’s body and placed his hands onto opposite sides of her head. She had just enough time to whisper “Oh my god,” before Robby drew his hips back and slammed them into her ass with a loud wet SMACK.

    Doreen squealed, an entirely new sound to Andrew which made his cock harden again, even in post orgasm.

    “See this, dude?” Robby said to Andrew as he pistonfucked his fiancĂ© amid the sound of rythmic smack, smack, smacks, heavy black nuts slapping against her legs, “This is how you fuck a girl. She’ll be walking funny for a WEEK after this.” Doreen’s mouth was open wide and her eyes were screwed back up into her head. She was drooling. Andrew began masturbating again, making small canine sounding whines.

    It went on for a while, this brutal thrusting, much longer than any sexual episode between Andrew and Doreen had before. Eventually Robby started to pant, his massive chest ballooning and contracting, his first sign of physical exertion today.

    "Fuck!” Robby barked out, “ I’m gonna cum!"

    "H-hey,” Andrew sputtered out, “aren't you going to, uh, pull out?" Andrew was biting his lower lip as he watched Robby's nuts swing back and forth as his friend’s cock plunged her depths. “It’s just, uh, she hasn’t been taking her birth control lately, since I proposed...” His voice trailed off

    Robby looked over his shoulder, back at Andrew, raising his eyebrow at the suggestion. Laughing, he pushed himself upright over her, grabbing onto the swells of her stinging, abused ass with both hands, and, maintaining eye contact with Andrew, hilted against her, pillowy cheeks mashed tight against Robby's crotch.

    Andrew saw his friend's fat gonads tense up, and Doreen moaned loud and long. Robby kept a grinning expression on Andrew for a full minute as his cock blasted his girlfriend’s insides with his seed.

    "Nope. Slipped my mind, I guess," Robby said apologetically, withdrawing out of Doreen's pussy with an audible SHLORPOP sound, and a river of his spunk pouring out of her stretched out hole, the flow of seed pattering onto Andrew’s beach towel and soaking it in a big wet spot. Robby’s cock was still hard, and it glistened with a sheen of cum and Doreen’s natural juices.

    "Damn, look at that,” Robby said, giving Doreen’s brown rump an appreciative smack. “That shit's never gonna close up right again. Don’t worry though, her ass is still tight enough for you.” Robby nodded, giving Andrew a conspiratorial look, “For now, at least."
    Andrew blushed, erection giving off a weak second orgasm as Doreen moaned and slumped down a little to rest on her stomach. Robby stood over her, his gigantic cock leaking post orgasm seed onto her back like a smoking gun.

    “Anyway man,” Robby said cheerfully, stretching his arms back, “We should think about going, it’s almost dark,” He reached over and gave his friend a pat on the shoulder, and then scooped Doreen up into his arms, carrying her prone body towards the car. “I’ll carry your girl to the car, she probably isn’t in any state for walking. You take care of her from now on, eh? She’ll be eating for two, or three, or however man, I think.” He gave Andrew a wink over his shoulder, leaving his friend slack jawed and covered in his own spunk, watching Robby’s cock swing between the gap in his legs as he strode away.
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    This is fantastic. I really hope you choose to take this story further, or at least the character of Robby. He's too hot for you to stop! Exact measurements would be great if you continue, as well as the same level of detail!

    This story alone nearly sent me over the edge!
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    Pretty hot story bro, thumbs up, keep it going!
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    good writing, you should do more of these, whether or not its a continuation or you just make new characters each time, it reminds me of johnpersons comics
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    Nine feet tall?
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    Indeed, he's quite the hefty dude.
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