Don't bother addressing your mail anymore...

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    Happy fucking new year.

    I suppose the naively optimistic spirit in me had foolishly hoped that the results of the midterm elections signaled a change in the way this nation would be run...that we, as a people, were fed up with the pointless (and illegal) war that is costing us hundreds of billions of dollars and thousands of American lives; that we'd had it with the destructive encroachment into our privacy and constitutional rights, all carried out under that most ephemeral banner of "national security."

    Harsh reality screamed at me from today's headlines that I must have been a fool to believe change would come so easily as through the ballot box.

    That's right...King George, in another of his infamous "signing statements", now asserts that he has (and has always had!) the legal right to intercept, open, and examine your mail. Without a search warrant. Yep. No need to show probable cause, nor explain to anyone why. Simply claim "exigent circumstance" (I love all these new legal nicknames his War on Terror has accumulated) and he's free to open it like it was addressed to him.

    But apparently, this is nothing new...Georgie has always possessed this authority. Despite the fact that he hasn't...and despite the fact that the idea directly contravenes a piece of Postal Service reform legislation that he signed into law himself on the same day (today) he issued this new signing statement.

    Brace yourself, America. This bullshit rollercoaster ride has two more years to go, and the king is promising to make them anything but smooth and enjoyable.
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